Sex Abuse
|   May 20, 2016
Sex Abuse

Unfortunately we love to keep our eyes close and remain silent on Sex Abuse, why we treat it as Taboo? Its an interesting question. Actually our country once upon a time had a great culture and tradition and people too were following many good things in regular life. Gradual decrease in ethics, strong values, joint families, education, financial status, living style brought lots of changes silently and we got accustomed to them automatically.

           Children also underwent many changes. Schools have generally no subjects to create awareness in young children regarding many important aspects. Sex education is highly essential as everyone must know their anatomy well. Memorizing science and attending questions has nothing to do with learning. Under the pressure to get high marks to satisfy parents study has become a monotonous thing and thus children fail to learn.

           For this heinous thing nowadays there are no hurdles at all. Innocent school going kids can easily be lured, people whom children meet often can take them alone on any pretext without arousing slightest doubt, servants who look after children in our absence, even our close relatives can be the culprit.

           The main thing to be considered is "Do you give enough space to your children to confide in you?" Its highly essential thing. The child can't even imagine such things so definitely would be shocked, confused, fearful and mentally shattered thus need to be dealt kindly and practically. Under mental stress and confusion children tend to lie easily without any such intentions. I was aghast when two school girls came with their respective mothers to consult the doctor for constant stomach pain without the slightest idea of their conception at all.

             The children lack knowledge regarding their own well being and physical changes which is quite essential thing in growing age. I have seen mothers worrying over how to broach this issue? Actually if they know everything mandatory there are very less chances of falling in wrongful deeds. Age brings its plus and minus which should be dealt with care and patience. In this books can be of great help. Teach children to read books on various matters. Knowledge regarding essential matters must be gained through proper means at proper juncture and certainly books play very great role. Some children won't listen, some parents feel awkward, some family circumstances may not allow privacy, some parents simply refuse to have relaxed schedule. Whatever be the reason but it needs timely attention.

             After any such experience the child who has been a victim of abuse loses interest in studies, food, play and tends to think in completely negative manner and can be easily spotted but then we should have that much minute observation over their activities. In metropolitan cities such incidents are very common but mostly hidden from parents. Many girls tend to elope and end up in spoiling life. I was shocked when I came to know a few who had opted this matter in complete negative manner and changed the track of life due to lack of proper care and counselling in critical time. Now they regret but at that time it seemed like revenging on society.

 Nowadays we get so much of good things to convey whatever we intent to that no need to search the means yet in practicality conveying the things matter a lot. We must ourselves teach our children many things as our concern for them is genuine and they would love to be close to us.

        First of all we should give some instructions to be followed.

1. Not to sit on anyone's lap at all be it a close relative or any other person.

2. To maintain safe distance wherever they go especially with opposite sex.

3. Not to involve in any type of games in group where secrecy is maintained among them.

4. Not to allow anybody to fondle or caress the private parts including parents.

5. While taking bath and changing dress not to allow anybody inside the room.

6. Not to change in front of mirror.

7. Even parents must avoid changing costumes in front of children.

8. Be sure of what type of films they are watching or what type of music they are listening to caref

9. Have some control over the cable and net so as to safeguard the young minds from unwanted thi

10. Observe children's activities if they are going to any friend's place often.

11. Observe with concern if the child becomes too fond of or dislikes or feels uncomfortable any particular person.

12. Observe if your child changes behavior suddenly or becomes aloof.

Little observation and care would save our children from unwanted troubles.


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