5 Must have Nude Lipstick for Every Mother
|   Mar 10, 2017
5 Must have Nude Lipstick for Every Mother

The first thought that comes to your mind is “Where do I have the time to apply lipsticks”.

Even I come from the same scenario. My life involves juggling between my son, job and household chores. I hardly get time to take care of my personal needs. There was a time when I would hardly apply any makeup. That’s when my friend introduced me to my first lipstick as a birthday gift. After that there was no turning back.

Nudes are in trend now. It's especially for those who don’t like the loud red or pinks ones .Be it if we have to pick our young ones from school or a casual get-together .Just apply a coat and you’re all set.

Here Is my List:

  1. Colorbar –Nude Coral: This nude lipstick has tint of orange in it .Will suit any skin tone. I have a dusky skin tone and pigmented lips. But this lipstick goes very well on me. It comes in a beautiful packaging and is easy to carry around. Just one coat is needed and lightens your face. It weighs 4.2 gms and is available at Rs 475/- at any online site such as Nykaa or Amazon
  2. Revlon- Rosy Nude: This nude lipstick has mixture of pink with coco brown. Suits any skin tone and comes in a lovely packaging .Beautiful to use for daily wear ,office wear ,be it going to the market or any other chores. This is my go to lipstick and I use it almost every day. It looks almost like my lip color but a little more pinkish. It hides the pigments on lip.IT comes 3.7 gm. and is at a cost of Rs 399/ .Also available at any local beauty shop or available online.


  1. Maybelline –Nude Nuance: This lipstick has been recently launched .Beautiful nude brown which goes with any skin tone. This hydrating lip color glides smoothly and evenly on your lips keeping them moisturized. It’s a creamy matte so you won’t feel dry like the ones in matte .It gives you an opaque coverage. It comes at 4.2 gm. at a cost of Rs 575/-.Available at online stores and your local beauty shop also.
  1. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick- Warm Me Up: It’s a nude color with pinkish undertone and has a slight golden sheen to it .This shade will suit most skin tones. Goes well my dusky skin tone and pigmented lips. This lipstick gives a very creamy look and is very moisturizing .Has a good staying power and good for everyday use.It weighs 4.2 gms and comes at a cost of Rs 299/



  1. Lakme 9 to 5 –Scarlet Drill: This lipstick as such doesn’t fall under the nude category but still good for those people who don’t like loud colors .It’s very purplish brown in color with a tint of pink. A very beautiful combination .Though this lipstick is matte but still it gives a very creamy feel. Very good for everyday use. This is one of the lipstick I use in my daily wear. Again it suits my dusky skin tone .It weighs 3.6 gm and comes at cost of Rs 360/-

So here you go these are my favorite nude lipsticks for everyday wear .Do let me know your comments .After searching YouTube and reading blogs I have bought these 5 lipsticks and they are a  part of my everyday wear.


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