My Sons has Childhood Asthma
|   Mar 03, 2017
My Sons has Childhood Asthma

Yes I know that doctors say that they cannot diagnosis this condition as Asthma till the child is 5 years of age. But for the ease of others we have used the term Childhood Asthma to explain my son’s condition to his school, teachers, friends and other family members

When my son was 11 months old he started experiencing continuous coughing episodes, which would go away after some minute’s .Being naïve about the whole situation we would think that maybe his throat was itching and would give him some hot water or ‘ova’ steam.

This continued for some months until one day he caught a very bad cold. He was continuously crying and tossing his head around. Afraid that something must be very wrong we rushed him to the hospital. On checking him the nurses administered him with Asthalin. Post which he found relief. We then took him home. After an 1 hr. he started experiencing the same situation again .This time on reaching the nursing home the doctor was called, on checking him the Doctor said he was breathless and we would need to admit him immediately.

Thinking this may be a onetime occurrence we admitted him in the hospital. He was administered nebulizer and other relevant medicines. Next day he felt better and we were discharged.

This incident again reoccurred after month, my son had severe cold. He was breathless. Admitted in the hospital and then discharged the very next day when he felt better….After 15 days my son faced the same issue, but this time it was so severe that the nursing home Doctor suggested we shift to a bigger hospital as there might chance that he might require to be on a Ventilator. My heart was in my mouth my little baby gasping for breath and I felt so helpless. Never in my life have a faced such a life and death situation. Words are few to express the dilemma I was going thru. I had to be strong not for myself but for my son.

Doctor had suggested few hospitals and had asked me to take a call where I would like to shift my son to. I had to decide fast and selected the hospital which provided major facilities. At 3 a.m. in the morning he was rushed in an ambulance with an attendant doctor to the hospital. Where he was immediately rushed to PICU and treatment was started. Since I was breastfeeding him only I was allowed inside. My life had turn upside down .I couldn’t sleep for 4 days in the fear that if I closed my eyes something might happen to my son. Finally God heard my prayers, after 2 days his condition stabled and my son was shifted to the normal pediatric ward. After all his test results had his pediatrician then gave us the shocking new that my son has Childhood Asthma .I was under the impression that this condition only occurs to those who has a family history of Asthma. But there was no one in my family nor his father’s family who had this condition .Then how did my son get it?? Did something go wrong during my delivery? All these thoughts started circling my mind.

The pediatrician the showed us how to user the inhaler with the mask he was put on a 3 month medication where he had to use the inhaler morning and evening to keep his asthma on control.

Our journey then began, we had be very careful with my son. He couldn’t tolerate dust or smoke or any kind of smell that trigger his asthma. I even stopped using perfumes.

There are times when my son would start wheezing at 3 in the night and we would have to rush him to the hospital. These episodes would occur almost every month. We showed him to multiple doctors. Everyone would suggested either this inhaler or that medicine. We have even tried homeopathy and different auyervedic medicines. It has been 3 years now we have come to stage where he has now stopped being admitted in the hospital that often. It maybe because of the fact that I have learned over the time how to manage my sons Asthma.

Will share in my next blog what helped me and what did not.


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