"Me-time" is essential
|   Feb 16, 2016
"Me-time" is essential

This blog post is dedicated to all fellow parents who are constantly juggling between family and work. 

Balancing between family life and work life is an art and it is important that every parent should learn this in todays date. Mums and dads never leave a stone unturned for their children's sake. Some mothers decide to take a break from their career in order to raise the child. Believe me, taking this decision is not easy but children becomes priority once they come into this world. While it is natural for a SAHM mom to get frustrated at end of the day taking care of child and managing household chores, a full time working mom too has to handle a lot of things reaching home like cooking, feeding dinner, assisting with homework and putting children to sleep. I have seen many fathers who are very co-operative in raising and handling kids. I am lucky to be one of them. My husband understands that I too need some me-time to finish off some tasks, to run some errands.  When my son doesn’t want to leave me and I have something in hand to take care off, husband pops in to take charge of the situation. The other day, we had a small ladies get-together in our society. While I was away chatting and laughing  and eating with my friends, my preschooler was  at home and both dad and son were having a great time! 

On the contrary, there are some families where the fathers are too busy and majority of burden lies on moms shoulder. And then she feels so exhausted in the evening expecting that once her husband reaches home, he should look after the child at least for some time; but it may or may not happen. And when things don't happen the way we want, outbursts happen. And in cases it happens to such an extent that it results in a big fight. Stay at home father is a rare term in our country. In foreign countries, fathers do stay at home while moms work full time.

Along with helping each other, every person needs some “me-time” too, some free moments they can spend alone without their kids.  When he or she  wants to see a friend, read a book (in phases though!), have a chat with a friend or a relative or just sit doing nothing looking out of the window(my favorite thing when my kid takes a nap). For raising a happy family, it is crucial that there has to be a great level of understanding between the couple. They must understand each others needs and try to share the burden. 

Happiness lies in small things and it is true. Both mother and father should decide and divide the time to look after the child so when one parent is taking care of the child, other parent should be completely free to enjoy his/her free time be it at home or outside. We have adopted this policy in our household to some extent. While my husband works from home, I do look after our son mostly till late afternoon. But during evening hours whenever I have to sit working on laptop, husband takes care of him. During some days or weeks, when hubby is neck deep in work, I don’t plan to touch the laptop.  Instead my son and I do play inside home or go for a walk downstairs to buy veggies and groceries. If I have to cook, I ask him to take his toys to kitchen floor and play there and I multitask between cooking and playing (and sometimes burning the food;-)).  Sounds simple, right?  Sigh! There are some days when both of us are busy with some sort of work and our son wants our attention. There are some days when both of us are tired or one of us is sick and no-one  wants to play with him.  But then one of us has to compromise keeping the work in hand aside and attend him. My husband generally finishes urgent work when my son is away at school or when he is taking afternoon nap. I too try to complete some work when he is away.  So being a family we have learnt (and still learning) to tackle such situations. I wish every parent and every family could find their way to deal with this stage of life and bring happiness into their world. After all, a happy family is what one needs at end of the day. 

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