Why only on Women's day?!!
|   Mar 09, 2016
Why only on Women's day?!!

8Th March is celebrated all over the world as International Women's Day!  

But every year on the same day, the #WomanInMe wonders why the hullabaloo over women and their work only this day? What about other 364 days? Are those days not special for being a woman? Don’t they work and multitask on other days?

On this day in newspapers, on radio and television, everyone talks about the achievement women has made in different fields be it social, political, medical and so on and there are celebrations and events for women’s day.  Then the online shopping sites offer various discount and deal for ladies. But is it just a fuss we are making over this day?  Because the women in higher class of society at least know what women’s day is however there is a class where women even don’t know about this day. You know what I mean… the working class…maids and bais and kaamwalis.  What about those ladies? They are never made feel special…not on any day. They also work from dusk to dawn and even after that. Do they celebrate this day in any special way? Aren’t those women special?


Yes they are special. Every woman is special.


I am special.


The #WomanInMe and all the women in this world are special every single day! Because-

The #WomanInMe can work full time and also look after the family,cooks,cleans and multitask every single day making sure that my family is happy.

Some times the  #WomanInMe is more emotional than my male counterpart. I laugh on silly things, I cry easily, I become happy on small happenings, I get scared, I shout, I scream, I scold; 

But the #WomanInMe is proud of my emotions, my existence! Motherhood brought out such emotions and power out of me that the #WomanInMe never knew existed.

The #WomanInMe has capability of bringing a new life into this world by undergoing such a huge pain one could ever imagine. 

The #WomanInMe knows exactly when to slow down on the career path to bring up the family. 

The #WomanInMe is powerful and content and beautiful; on women’s day, on mothers day and every other day…!



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