And then...the fight began !!
|   Jul 19, 2016
And then...the fight began !!

I have been married for nearly 10 years now and it has been an amazing up and down journey. A major part of conversation between my husband K and I are 'dedicated' to these super fights we have. Some of them are real ugly ones (don't worry I'm not going to bring them here) while some of them start with this smartass comment made by one of us (well mostly Mr. K). Read on to find out how a typical fight starts at our home.

It's a weekend afternoon and we are all lazing around. I am putting away things from Saturday shopping and I can't but rant proudly about the amazing deals I found. As I go on about how great my selections were, I can't help but ask my daughter if her father could ever do something like this. While she looks quizzically at K, he says no. I am totally surprised that for the first time in the history of mankind he is admitting that I have done something better...when he continues "Your mother's taste has ALWAYS been amazing ! It is my taste which is really really bad. Sighhhhhhhhh !!". And that, my friends, is how the fight started !

My old cooker is conking off and am discussing with K about getting a new one. He says there is a store right outside our gate, so let's go and get it now. I tell him that store does not have the new model clip-on cooker that I want to buy. He is irritated that I'm fixated on that and urges me to just get something for now. I tell him with all the earnestness that I could mutter, "K - there are lottssssssss of things that I have 'just settled for' in my life. At least please let me get THE cooker I want". And of course that's when the fight started !

I see K doing some furious calculations and planning. He is suddenly asking how much I think we need for kids' college etc. I ask if he is planning some investment to which he says he is planning his retirement. Horror of horrors !! I have just put in my papers and I'm looking for a break and this guy is thinking retirement ?? I tell him we need to send the kids to Harvard and Yale, that I need solitaire earrings for our 15th wedding anniversary & of course this & that, and that he should not even think about retirement. And that is how yet another fight started !

One of the tube light is not working and am tired of asking K to take a look. Finally I call the electrician and get it sorted. In the evening I start off 'I can't believe you are an electrical was only a loose connection and the electrician fixed it in 30 seconds. Did you really go to college ? What did you study in your Masters ?'. K looks very calm and I don't like that one bit. Then he says 'It's just like how some CAs can't do simple tax returns and we need to send all the details to our auditor'. He just can't understand that I am not specialised in taxes and before we even realised, somehow we are in the middle of a fight !

The weather is awesome and we both decide to take a walk. I point to a lady some distance ahead of us and ask if I am fatter than her. K says he can't answer such 'leading' questions and his expression conveys that he wants to do some kind of disappearing act. I persist and urge on - What about the butt ? Look at her thighs and mine. He still refuses to answer anything and the walking turns into fighting !

It's my birthday week and K starts asking what I want. From experience I know better than to say nothing cuz that is what I will then get ! So I say I want a surprise and he can pick out something for me. He just does not like this idea and says he is ready to take me shopping anywhere I want. Tempting but I say no ! Birthday arrives and he hands me a kindle ! I just can't believe it. Here I am building a big book collection and have constantly told the guy I don't like it and he gets me one. I question him and he says try it and you will love it. I can't understand this attitude of getting someone something they do not like and he says that's why he did not want this whole surprise thingy. You know what we remember about this b day ? The fight (and little tears) !

K says good naturedly that he will make Poha for breakfast and tells me to take a break. I love him for it. I show him how to wash & soak the poha and settle myself on the couch. He brings the spice box to ask if he can put 'this much' mustard for tadka. Next follows the questions on jeera, onion, peanuts, salt, get the picture ? I am now thoroughly fed-up and get back to finishing the poha. Am so irritated there is no fight. Only silence !

Tell me ladies does this happen in your house ? What are the small and big things you fight about ? 

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