Five magic & spells from Harry Potter I wish I could use in my life
|   Jul 26, 2016
Five magic & spells from Harry Potter I wish I could use in my life
I was a late entrant to the world of Harry Potter, though it does not make me any less a fan. We three (moi, hubby and brother) were totally caught up with the Harry Potter fever when I was preggers with V. Can you imagine what chaos there is when three people are competing to finish one book after the other ? Thanks to the heightened hormones, both did not dare fight with me and I had the first access to all the books. However, I still remember the triumphant look my brother had when K had to put the book 7 down when I got my pains. Nor will I forget asking my brother if he wanted to know whether Harry dies or not before going into the operating room. My mother half-expected us to name V as Hermione, I suppose ! 

It's totally awesome that Rowling could create a whole new magical world from scratch. That's the power of imagination and writing for you ! She had a complete vision of the story right from beginning to end and no wonder Harry lives on in the heart of not just kids but adults all over the world too ! How would you like it if you were given a chance to pick out any five spells or magic from Harry Potter to use in your daily life ? What about it be like to be wizards and witches living in the world of Muggles ? What would be your top choice ? Read below to find out what mine are:

Accio Accio & accio - This will probably put an end to my last minute search for keys, glasses, phone, id card, wallet and what not ! If only I can call out 'Accio xxx' and the object comes flying out to me instead of searching room by room only to find it right in front of me or in the most bizarre of places. 

Flying broomsticks - If this can mean no more waiting at the traffic, that's as perfect as life can get ! Done with work at office, just fly back home without stopping anywhere. As to whether I am going to like riding on a broomstick vs. learning to drive a car ?? Broomsticks......bring it on !

Occulus Reparo - Though Hermione uses this to repair Harry's glasses, this spell can be used for all minor repairs. Given how there are 2 kids always running around the house creating mayhem (ahem I mean memories) I would love to quickly fix all the broken items.

Patented daydream charms - This is from the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, a joke shop that is opened by Fred & George Weasley. This guarantees virtually undetectable, highly realistic 30-minutes day dream. Going for one of those meetings where nothing ever gets decided ? Pop one and enjoy ! However, ensure kids never get hold of them to take to school or use them while listening to you lecture. 

Riddikulus - Most often that not, the kids have bad dreams. I hate to see them crease their eyebrows in their sleep and cry out (sometimes my son kick out too !!). It would be great if this boggart fighting spell could be used to change bad dreams into good ones. Then the kids can continue their sleep with little smiles on their face.

Tell me people - what spell can I interest you in ?

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