Kids do think the world of you
|   Aug 01, 2016
Kids do think the world of you

Priorities definitely change when you have kid(s). Right from sleepless nights with an infant, to the active toddler years to school & routine. There is always a discovery, always a challenge waiting at each stage ! Now look at things from the side of these small human beings. They know only you; they come alone into this big bad world and they look to you for love, food and pretty much mould their life. And they give back in multiple folds too. You are the heroes in their eyes. Their mommies / daddies / grandparents are the bestest. Their teachers are NEVER wrong. Doesn't their confidence in you make you feel tall and strong like giants ? 

Last weekend we were at a mall. The husband was sick and with a heavy heart (!) he bade us bye and welcomed peace and quiet. Although we had gone to catch a movie, you would understand when I say it's almost impossible to get out of the mall without some window-led-to-actual-shopping. It really felt like it was my day when on a weekend I got a fitting room without waiting ! I had taken on three tops to try and it was while I was holding my breath and trying to squeeze into them when the drama unfurled. I had told the kids to sit on the sofa just outside the fitting room and not roam around anywhere. It all started with the insistent knocking. Little A wanted to see how the new kurta looked on me. So when I opened the door he most enthusiastically started, 'Wow ! very smart looking. It's beautiful ma' to an audience who had gathered around waiting their turn. Not to be outdone, V brings in a handful of clothes for me to 'try out' including an unstitched salwar kameez material. it is not often you find entertainment while waiting in a queue and I can hear the pleased janta asking for their names, school names and such details. Going by the compliments and fuss, they await a Aishwarya Rai duplicate when I walk out breathing hard as "size L" was a little tight. 

A's school had again given out homework for me (well, if there is so much cutting, pasting and writing to do, it cannot be for a 4-yr old !!). I was in a hurry since I had waited until the last minute to start it; with dinner to be prepared and prep for next day to be done, I just wanted it done. As I complete cutting out 4 different templates of fish, V looks on with awe and claims 'Amma you really are blessed !'. She says she wants to be just like me when she grows up and be good at art, music and cooking. Hmm! I should remember to destroy all these 'talented art work' a.k.a. evidence before she grows up and takes good look at them

K and I are laughing and talking and that of course annoys A. He walks up to me and says 'Amma -  I am your husband, not appa'. I tell him no that's not possible since I already married appa. His face shrinks and immediately brightens with an idea 'But you can marry me now'. I say sure and tell K to go take a walk.

Soon they will grow and their main focus of life would be friends, activities and other stuff. They may not think the world of us, nor think we are the best at everything. I may not get hundreds of 'I love you' or kisses, flower with every visit to the garden. But until then, I plan to be their husband, wife, mother and their world. I guess at some stage, their world revolves around us, just as ours always revolves around them. 

To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today - Barbara Johnson

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