Life lessons from Masterchef Australia
|   May 24, 2016
Life lessons from Masterchef Australia

My daughter V and I are HARD-CORE Masterchef Australia fans. We are capable of watching any number of re-runs of the show and my daughter can probably win any quiz contest on the last season. Generally my kids are forbidden from watching any shows not designed for kids but I have no qualms about her watching MCA at all. I feel there is a lot to learn there, least of all:

(1) It's never too late to follow your dream: The mix of crowd entering the competition is so diverse. There are people in their 40's and 50's who want to do something, people who have completed professional courses and are already at the peak of their career, people who are in the manager cadre and are ready to give it all up and people from very humble background looking for a breakthrough. Whatever their background, whatever their past - they come with one dream - MAKING IT BIG IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY. They realised at some point that that is what they want to do throughout their lives and have actually joined the competition with this singular motive.

(2) Respect for food and produce: Be it a piece of meat or fresh vegetable, the judges emphasise again and again on the respect due to produce and people who make them. V has actually realised that farming is the most important job on earth. She knows that there will be nothing to eat if not for people who toil for us and that food wastage is nothing short of sin. It has definitely reduced food wastage at home although we still have some way to go before totally eliminating it.

(3) Taste for victory comes at a price: The contestants require high mental strength as they leave their family, jobs and take a risk in deep diving into the competition. They constantly tell themselves why they do it. Sacrifice and hard-work are very real and absolutely essential to go a long way. 

(4) Your competitor is only your competitor and not your enemy: V gets very surprised when people in the pressure test hold hands and actually wish each other the best. She is able to understand a bit now that winning is all about giving it your best and getting spiteful with others only generates negative energy 

(5) Team-work is hard but very rewarding: Team challenges are all about leadership, planning and execution. The outcome ? either float together or sink together. 

(6) Confidence is key: Contestants are sometimes set ridiculously hard challenges and time is always your enemy in the kitchen. Amidst all that stress and tension, what really drives them is their attitude and clarity of thought. You need to believe that you can and only that carries you through

(7) Life is sometimes just a tab bit unfair: I have had many a teary-eyed moments (I know I know...although bizarre I have cried while matching Masterchef Oz) when my favourite and bestest contestant gets eliminated. Sometimes life's about those few moments when things do not really work out. Getting eliminated does not mean you are not the simply means you are ready to go and face the outside world. 

Any other Masterchef Oz fans out there ? What do you like about the show ? Who is your favourite judge ? Would love to hear from you.

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