The Magic of Tooth Fairy Visits
|   Jul 14, 2016
The Magic of Tooth Fairy Visits
When my daughter V was six years, toothfairy started visiting our home. These visits were always much anticipated ones because of all the 'build-up' leading to the whole event. It all starts with one of those shiny, pearly, cute little milk tooth starting to shake. Then shake, shake, shake it goes until only a teeny weeny bit still sticks to your gum. It causes much discomfort during the last few days esp as it feels like you are likely to swallow it along with your food. And then just when you are thoroughly fed-up and have given up hopes that that tooth is ever going to fall, out it comes ! Just like that ! And then all that fuss about wrapping it up and putting it under the pillow. V claims every time that she is going to stay awake and 'catch' the tooth-fairy.
And when she finally dozes off, I take that little packet away and put the money or gift under her pillow. And she is usually the first to get up the next morning squealing with delight at finding her loot.   

I don't know whether she will remember the toothfairy moments once she is all grown up; but am sure I will never be able to forget them. Some of my best moments are:

- Seeing those out-of-the-world, shy, goofy and sometimes conscious smile which highlights the 'bridge' or the gap between the teeth.
- Her always at the back of the mind suspicion that maybe the gifts / money are left by me and not the tooth-fairy. So after the first 2 instances, Ms. Smarty Pants decided not to tell me what she was wishing for and just whisper her wishes to tooth-fairy. Then of course the poor Ms. Fairy started to bring what she could esp. after the secret wishes turned out be kindle and what not !
- One difficult tooth which needed some persuasion from the dentist and what got her through the whole 'it's a room of full of scary instruments' was the anticipated nightly visit.
- Her analysis of what tooth fairy does with all the collected teeth. Does she give them to babies ? Or toothless thathas and pattis ? Where does she get the money to buy the gifts ? Who pays her for the teeth sold? Endless questions to which I could never give satisfactory answers.
- One instance where my mother thought I forgot to keep the gift and she placed some money. Double bonanza for Ms. V and of course she worried and wondered if tooth fairy visited her twice and instead forgot some other kid.
- The time when V wanted to thank the tooth fairy for her kindness and left her a 'thank-you' note along with the tooth. 

Most of her milk teeth are out now and the excitement has definitely died down. On her eighth birthday this year I thought I should tell her the truth about the tooth fairy. I did not really expect this to come as a great surprise for her; but to my shock she was literally in tears. She found it hard to accept that there was no real 'magic' about the whole thing. I guess what makes children truly happy and carefree is that they are believers. They believe in magic and kindness and sharing and...keeping it simple ! As for V, she is all geared up and can't wait to play tooth-fairy to her brother A when his turn comes up. 

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