Mommy Travel Diaries Jan 2016 - A week full of family, food and lots of fun in namma Udipi!!
|   Feb 23, 2016
Mommy Travel Diaries Jan 2016 - A week full of family, food and lots of fun in namma Udipi!!

We kicked off the new year by visiting family with a short trip to Udipi, Karnataka. Unlike most of our trips which are planned very well in advance, this trip was impromptu and triggered by a Whatsapp conversation amongst cousins. The agenda for this trip was pretty straightforward - meet, eat (a lot), laugh (even more) and have loads of conversation. Both me and my husband are blessed with numerous cousins and what makes it all the more fun is that we are still a group of close knit cousins who seem to catch up right from where we had left last.

Each day of our trip was memorable and exciting. We started with breakfast at MTR, followed by a day dedicated to shopping and beauty therapy with women of the house while evenings was enjoyed singing at one of our loving uncle's music room (a routine when we are in Udipi) and at a Malpe beach house. To please our spiritual side, we visited the famous Sri Krishna temple, a must when in Udipi, where Adi boy spontaneously sprung into dance to the Hare Rama Hare Krishna chanting by the Iskcon troupe which was a total delight. We also managed to drive to Bhatkal (a town in North Karnataka; 2 hours of beautiful drive away from Udipi) to meet our loving aunt who pampered us with crab curry, surmai fry and the world famous Bhatkal biryani. 

There was more family time having spent a day at Mulki where I chatted endlessly with my darling sister while Adi boy enjoyed some masti time with my niece!! As I am typing this, I can not believe that we also somehow squeezed in a visit to Palimar (a sleepy town in Udipi district) where I have fond childhood memories of good times with extended family members. Well….how could I miss the chance of meeting those with whom I grew up for 25 long years!! 

We, mums (especially those living away from India), often worry when travelling with our kids to India - 'worry' mostly revolves around a hectic schedule of meeting near and dear ones, changing our child's routine amongst other things. Such things have stopped bothering me long time back. Children are very accommodating and based on experience, they adjust very well whether you take them to a new country or bring them back to their usual routine. Believe me, when I was catching up with my cousins, uncles, aunts, etc, Adi was having a fantastic time with his grandparents, uncles, aunts and most importantly, his cousins. He ensured that he made the most of ‘play time’ with cousins and 'being loved' by elders and I feel glad about that.     
Looking back, although our one week trip was very short, we managed to squeeze in so much that we felt like we had spent more than a week in Udipi. But what's important for us is that we still had good quality time with loved ones and returned with good memories and as three happy souls!! 

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