A cruel day in Day-Care of 10 months old baby.
|   Nov 26, 2016
A cruel day in Day-Care of 10 months old baby.

Yesterday evening I was having my usual cup of tea and news were flashing on t.v. screen. Suddenly a news flashed which froze me for a second.

A 10 months old baby girl Rishita, was beaten up badly in a well-known day care center of Mumbai. The child is hospitalized and has serious injuries.

I increased the TV. volume a little bit. My (about to be 3 years old) son was playing with his toys and sitting next to me. News channel was playing the video again and again. A lady care taker was beating the poor little girl, her on the floor, pushing her away from legs and the child was crying constantly. Many other children were also there but all were sleeping though I wonder how come all the children were sleeping at the same time. May be that little girl refuse to sleep and wanted to play little more,which in return made the caretaker lady furious and after that what happened, it's flashing on. T.V.screen.

For the records, I would like to mention that the day care is a well known day care which has the live video streaming facilities for parents (and they charge a bomb for that) so that they can be assured of their child's safety. But still, it happened.

The reporter was now with baby's mother.she was crying a lot. Imagine her state of mind. She was telling her child had many bruises all over her face,finger prints on her cheeks (imagine the force),and was crying a lot after some time she became unconscious, they took her to the hospital where doctors told them, she has some serious internal injuries.

I held my son too close to me and kissed him endless times. I thought if it would have happened with my son, I skipped a heart beat for a second. 

Firstly, I thought how could a woman (who obviously a mother) beat a child so brutally and the answer was inside me.

My son is a part of me, made from my flesh, my blood, my bone. If he slips, while doing his monkey jump I almost get a heart attack. But still, at times when he's too cranky to handle or I am extremely irritated, I yell at him or scold him, despite he is my whole world. 

The lady doesn't have any kind of bond with that baby. For her, she is just a cranky baby who refuse to listen her.

My concern in 10 month old child is too young for  a full-time day-care. She is not mature enough to express her need, requirements. She doesn't understand anything.

Motherhood is not an easy task for anyone to accomplish,likewise being an infant,to depend on others for each and every single need even when they are not vocals is extremely difficult. But god has gifed us( mothers )a super power to understand our child's need without even saying a single word. 

I understand some mothers opt to continue work even after baby (some by choice, some bound by situations) and nothing is wrong in it. But we should be sure about the child safety. Leaving the child in a day care is not the solution. 10 months old child is not even vocal,she is not able to express her needs. Till the time baby is too young to express home is the safest place .You can leave the child with grandparents. If it's not feasible then as per me its best to wait for sometime. Our child doesn't decide to come in this world. we decide to bring them so it's our responsibility to keep them safe, secure. 

If you are not financially strong than postpone the idea of having a child. Have it once you both are ready in all aspects. Don't think what society will say, don't think about your biological clock, don't pay any attention to all those remarks bachhe to apne aap pal jate h or anything else. Just think about the child only.whatever the decision as a parents we take,it should be child centeric.

Just imagine if something wrong happens to Rishita, if her injuries became fatal then what will happen.just praying for her wellness.

I can compromise with my weekend dinners, with my branded clothes, with my me-time, with my yearly holidays but can't compromise with the wellness of my son.

 Note- yes,I don't reserve the right to judge anyone. This blog is not to defend anyone. Working or stay at home tag doesn't evaluate the mother and child love. Only a mother can understand the need of the child. Even if the child cant mummer ,and i guess most of you will agree with it.This is what I wanted to convey. 10 months old child is too young to express,her need and requirements but her mother has all the power to understand it and do the needful.

Some will relate it,some will disagree. For some i may have became judgmental,for some i am right,for some i am wrong,for some i am baised,for some i am supportive. And everyones opinion is right,exactly like for some glass is half full,for some half empty both are correct.That news just made me panic and concerned for the baby,for a second I forget everything and just thought about the baby. Have all the empathy with the parents.

May she get well soon.

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