Beta, Desi ghee kha...The story of Desi-ghee,khichdi,spice less food as post natel diet.
|   Dec 07, 2016
Beta, Desi ghee kha...The story of Desi-ghee,khichdi,spice less food as post natel diet.

Delivery done...and I am too exhausted to have a look of that tiny soul,who is sleeping besides me.we got discharged.After having that tasteless,watery khichdi during my stay at hospital, I was dying to have home made,yummy,tasty food .we reached home and told my mother that i am feeling hungry.My mom came to me and handed a bowl full of khichdi and was overflowing with a generous amount of Desi-ghee.. Mom are you joking? Am I supposed to eat this mixture of rice,daal ,salt and ghee through out my life.

I stare at my mom,told her that I don't want to eat it. I want to eat something spicy and tasty, like Rajma- chawal. Without wasting a second,she announced that  yes, you are supposed to eat this khichdi that too with Desi ghee for at least one month. Desi -ghee will give you strength."beta desi -ghee khane se takat aati h,ab tumhe ye sab kaha pata h."

look(she pointed out a canister of 5 kg Desi-ghee..oh lord,please come for my rescue) you have to finish it in one month.

My mother's love for me,was now lying on the floor in the form of that Desi-ghee canister 

I came across with so many diet's plan,and list of things to do post Natal. Some was interesting, some was funny,some was annoying, but still had to follow because honestly after those ever lasting pain of stitchs,my always hungry son,sleep-deprived me doesn't have more patience to make her understand. Here's the list of some myths:

# 1 Desi-ghee will strengthen your joints post natel- But sorry mom,it doesn't. I know you are a Desi-ghee loyalists, and those overflowing khichdi bowl didn't anything,apart from increasing the inches.

#2 khichdi is the best food to have post Natal- Though khichdi is a light diet and easy to digest, and if made correctly nutritious too, but sadly the version of khichdi we new mothers get,only contains rice and daal. It means it only have carbohydrate and protein and for a lactating mother, its very important to have a balanced diet.

#3 If I will drink cold water,my baby will got cold- absolutely not..though drinking lukewarm water is good for new moms,because as per Ayurveda our body comes in a cold state post delivery so lukewarm water helps to balance your body but cold water is not going to give a cold to my baby. He will get cold if he remains wet for long or someone who has cold comes near to him.

# 4- Drinking milk will increase my milk supply- milk is a good source of calcium and said to be a complete diet,but it will not increase my milk supply. And trust me mom those three Glasses full of milk during the day,just makes me gassy and constipated. To he hydrated is very very important while you are breastfeeding so make sure you have good amount of fluids in any form like milk,juice,water,soups but just don't overdose single product.

I know mom, you were providing me the best as per your knowledge and I love you for this,and will always be thankful of you,to take utmost care of me post delivery. And Yes,I did finish that 5 kg canister of Desi- ghee.

Yesterday, I WhatsApp a picture of my son to my mother and got an instant reply from her-kitna pata ho gya  h ye,isse tu Desi -ghee nhi khilati h kya??

Again her love towards my son has shown up in the form of Desi-ghee...

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