Fault in our stars...
|   Jan 19, 2017
Fault in our stars...

Me and my husband was madly in love with each other but couldn't imagine getting married without the consent of our parents. So one fine day  we decided to make our relationship official, and it brought the Tsunami in my house.I faced all the melodrama, emotional blackmailing, rona-dhona from my parents. For them,it was like I have committed a crime. They kind of boycotted me.  Irony was my husband and me belongs to same caste. No caste issue was there. Though they loved,supported,nurtured me a lot but this announcement of mine was kind of shocking for them. Moreover,they were worried about the society. Errrrr!!!!

 I am the eldest child of my parents even eldest in the whole clan. They had the fear that,my love marriage will set a wrong example for my siblings and cousins.

Nevertheless, I was very adamant and made all the efforts to make it happen. I told them clearly that I will only marry him that too with their consent. After so much pursuance my Father was ready to give it a shot. He met my then boyfriend, who impressed him but my father was not at all in a mood to accept it.Days,months,years were passing like that,whenever they will talk about my marriage I used to told them " yes, I am all ready to get married but with him only"...

Now, my age number was incresing at super Sonic speed and then they surrender.

Finally, elders from both the sides decided to sat together to finalize the things.

We both belongs to Brahmin community and the elders of both sides do believes in all that kundli matching and other stuffs. Keeping that thing in mind,we decided to match our kundlis online before anyone else. My husband download the app and fill in the respective details,we both were waiting anxiously to see the result,and it shows that only 11 gunnas are matching. It saddens us a bit, because we knew that,this is going to be an another problem for us. We both didn't want to lose it at this point. Next morning my husband went to a pandit and showed our kundlis to him. As per him also only 11 gunnas were matching and ours was not a good match... There was "Fault in our Stars".

But we choose not to give up. My husband with the help of that pandit made very slight changes in the kundlis,so that it can show a good match...

It was a sunny afternoon of February month and our parents were sitting together with the pandit,all engrossed in the our kundlis. And our hearts were pacing at such a speed that me and my husband were sweating. Our fingers were crossed,I vowed to go to Vaishno Devi temple with my husband,if we crossed that hurdle.Yes,I did it then and there.🙏🙏

Now after five years of that episode,I am writing about that. I am happily married with my husband, blessed with a child who has a doting Nana-Nani. My parents felt immense joy,when they saw me leading a happy life,and now they announce proudly that they have got such a nice son-in-law.

We went to Vaishno Devi temple after our marriage. Our little modified kundlis showed 28 gunnas matching together and our parents were happy with that. Till date no one know about the truth,but it made me think at times that "Does all that things really effects our lives...If there was really any fault in our Stars then how things ended up nicely,or it was the magic of that vow which I took ?"

Some questions always remains unanswered. But no fault in the Stars can be more significant then the love two person shares.

Last night,we had an argument on silly stuff may be because of those faults😉😉😉.

So,do you also had some fault in your Stars...

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