I am thankful to you Meera Rajput to make me realise this.....
|   Mar 14, 2017
I am thankful to you Meera Rajput to make me realise this.....

This Women's day two things were treading on mycity4kids.  #stopjudging and #meerarajput's interview.

I am proud of myself to be a part of mycity4kids because it's a platform which connects to the people who are sailing in the same boat. Most of the member of this wonderful app are mothers,so we all are connected in some or other way.

#stopjudging is a much appreciated initiative of mycity4kids and I am totally supporting this.

Now, comes to the second most treading thing i.e. #meererajput's interview. Loads of blogs are there regarding this interview of hers and mine just add ons in the list and through this post I am paying my gratitude towards Meera Rajput to make me realise that what is the right way to introduce myself to the world and it is A Mother.

I am a Mother and it's my complete  introduction. This single word is capable enough to explain you about the whole set of the challenges,the joy,the responsibilities,the issues,the pride,the adjustment,the changes I(and the rest of the Mothers) goes through in the journey of motherhood.Working or SAHM tag doesn't add on or subtracts anything.

What I  feel is that, The world has tear apart into two groups (when we talk about Mothers),and we all knows very well those two groups so I don't feel the need to mention it because I think whenever there is a blog which has something in favour of a particular group,the other group finds it  a biased or judgemental one.

The comments shows that all,and there is nothing bad in it. India is a democratic country, and Freedom of Speech is our fundamental right. So everyone is free to speak their heart and mind loud like I am doing..like Meera did. But some comments were really full of bashing and heart rending.

 I feel sorry for Meera. Everyone is trolling her of that interview and I damm sure that Meera would be regretting for saying yes for that interview. All those negative responses will be upsetting her. 

The question is ain't we again judging a Mother for speaking up her mind.?? Whatever she said is her thought process . Why we are taking it so personal?? Does she really represents any of us?Why a particular group is finding it offensive or other one finding it in favour? For me the answer is no...she was just representing herself.,was speaking up for herself.

And no one is even thinking that why on earth that question "how do you feel to be a homemaker?" had been asked.(eerrrrr!!!I am judging someone else😢 )It could be better like"how do you feel to be a mother" that's it..

Why is to bring "homemaker or when are you returning to work" thing. 

Now take this as an example..

An interview asks this question to a successful business women who is also a mother" How do you feel about your success and how do you manage work and home?"

Her most predicted answer would be"  I feel good about. I have earned it,had worked so hard for it. I feel lucky to have such a supportive family. It's hard to manage work and home both with an ease but with their support I am managing it". She will make you count the positives of her decision😲😲😲.She will hardly mention about that at times it makes her depressed when she finds her out of sight of her child for a longer time.when she missed her child. How hard it is for her to cope up with it.

Now in second scenario a SAHM or homemaker had been asked" how she feel about to be a homemaker"?

And her most predictive answer would be" Yeah I enjoy a lot. I am lucky enough to enjoy the childhood of my child. There is nothing more important than my child" again she will be highlighting the positives😲😲😲..she will not mention that how at times she feels that she is wasting her talent. How sad she feels when she saw her degrees lying in the back of a shelf. How much she missed her financial independence.

But if we ask " how do you feel to be a mother?" To both women the answer will probably match.."it's feel great to be a mother. This is the best thing ever happened to me"...

We all try to justify our choices and decisions and it's gratifying.

Meera justified her decision of to be a homemaker,like we all do (though i do believe that she could choose better set of words). You know she holds the second postion in the All India entrance exam for English(H) conducted by  Delhi University and even she is a gold medalist also. 

But the reality is each of the group has its own plus and minus. Being on the other side a particular group doesn't gives us a right to deny the positives and negatives of other one.

Truth is its very difficult to be a Mother. Its very good to be a Mother. The rest is just secondary.

So from today onwards I pledge to introduce myself as a Mother,without any other tag attached.😊😊😊 And credits goes to you Meera.

#stopjudging #harmony #ourjourneyissame...

What's your new introduction???

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