I have been Raped..and i am not ashamed of it. I live,love and laugh.
|   Dec 08, 2016
I have been Raped..and i am not ashamed of it. I live,love and laugh.

I have been raped..while lying down on hospital bed,I was giving my statement to the police officer. Those question were ripping my soul apart. I was forced to recall that incident 1000 times,which I wanted to forget as soon as possible. They don't know an inch of what I went through.

Was it painful??? It wouldn't if it could be only physical .The wounds of rape isn't only physical, its like a leech who keep sucking your soul,dignity. As a women, I am capable enough to give birth through my vagina,a hard piece of flesh couldn't hurt me much. But it did.. Because I shut down,so my body and my soul. My body,mind and soul was not involved in it. He treated me like an object and that feeling hurted  me a lot.

From a girl,with dreams to be a dancer,to travel through out world,to get married and have children,over night I became a victim, a topic to be discussed at tea time in neighborhood. Every one was busy in discussing what i wore,why i was out till late, from where i was coming,no one was ready to talk about the one who did that,no one was questioning his intentions or his sick mentality.I never wanted to talk about that and whenever I did my family has to face the consequences.

To be honest, now I love to be around strangers, they don't labeled me as a Raped girl, they don't give me that weird stare,filled with pity and disgust. They only see my smile,I spark in my eyes,they still can see those dreams  in my eyes,they hear my laughs,they appreciate when i do something good,they don't judge me when I tries to forget that and wants to move on.

I have been raped and I am not ashamed of it,why should I? I am not the one who killed someone's soul,who shattered someone's dreams,who made someone to feel naked in other's eyes,who traumatized a set of parents.

If someone has to be feel guilty, ashamed in this act then it has to be He not I. 

If someone has to be haunted by that night then it has to be He not I.

If someone has to hide the face then it would be He not I.

If someone has to repent then it has to be He not I.

If someone has a right to live,love and laugh then its Me not He.

If someone wants to dream then it would me Me not He.

I am going to life my life at fullest ,because I deserve that. I have fight for my life. A life full of  Love,Laugh,dreams and dignity. 

You keep your pity with you.

Note- Its a piece of fiction, on behalf of all the girl,women who have a right to love,live laugh.

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