When she choose to win the battle as a mother, not as a wife or any other relation.. A true story.
|   Dec 11, 2016
When she choose to win the battle as a mother, not as a wife or any other relation.. A true story.

Kamla was  laying on a bed of a labor room of a government hospital. She was going to have her third child, the child was in the breach position and due to some medical reasons the pulse rate of the baby was dropping.. Doctors were worried about the child. But Kamla seemed to be least bothered by the doctor's concerns. Her concerns were entirely different.

What will happen to her and her two daughters if this child will also be a girl?

Will her own family support her, if her in-laws and husband abandoned them?

Will her husband remarry, because she is incapable of giving a son to him?

What will happen if has to choose between the child and her husband?

It was her third child, her husband and in-laws had made an announcement,While she was going to her parents' home for delivery.

"If this child would be again a girl, then Kamla is not allowed to step inside the house. The door will be closed for them forever."
A shake from the doctor brought her back into that labor room.

Push Kamla,push...

We don't have enough time, you can lose your child.

Kamla closed her eyes, shouted aloud, as if she wanted to push all those thoughts away from her mind..she pushed hard.

And she listened the cry, but couldn't gather the courage to have a look.

The nurse told her "Beti Hui hai"..

What?? She couldn't believe what she heard. Suddenly everything turned black in front of her eyes. She couldn't heard anything, the cry of her daughter, the nurse telling her to have a look at her, the doctor asking to be still, so that she can stitch her up..nothing. she couldn't hear anything. Only one thing was resonating in her mind...

Don't come to this house if it's a girl...

It had been one month, she was still at her parents' house. Her brother went several times to her husband's house to make him understand. But everytime the conclusion was the same. Kamla didn't belong to a wealthy family, her brother was a vegetable vendor and had his own family of three children and a wife, mother worked as a maid. Whenever her brother visited her in-laws house, Kamla's sister-in-laws used to tell her brother to send her back at any cost.

One day her husband and her brother made a deal..

Her husband was ready to take Kamla on one condition.

She has to either kill that third daughter or leave her at an orphanage.

When her brother revealed it to the family, everyone was hopeful that Kamla will accept it. Her mother made her understand that its not possible for them to support her,and by doing this she will be back to her own house plus her other two daughters will also have a father and a home, their future will also be secure.

Kamla for a moment also thought that by doing this she can secure her other two daughters and her future.

It was a chilled winter night of January month. The clock stuck 11pm. Kamla fed her younger daughter, made her fall asleep and then kept her on the roof of her house. She thought a 45 days old child won't survive in that winter. She waited. Child woke up,cried,cried and cried, Kamla ignored her cry, turned dumb ear, closed the door. Child was crying continuously and then sudden it stopped. Kamla felt a jerk inside her,as if something got choked. The crying of baby was making her believe that she is alive, but when she stopped Kamla rushed toward her like crazy, held her, she turned all blue but still was breathing, it was 4 am in morning. She woke up her brother, begged him to take them to the hospital but her mother, sister-in-law, brother all denied. She rushed to hospital barefeet, took a auto at a distance and reached hospital.

After two hours doctor gave her a bottle and ask her to fill it with her breast milk, as this was one the best medicine of give her at that point of time. She did it.

Then again came and told her that, her daughter is now stable. Doctor told her that her daughter is a fighter.

Yes,she is. She fought to came in this world, she fought to survive. Then Kamla decided that if her 45 days old daughter could fight for herself, to survive then can't she take a stand for her, can't she fight for her. She decided to fight this battle as a mother of a fighter, not as a wife of a coward.

When the angel got discharged, Kamla left her parents house with all three daughters, moved to another place, started working as a maid and has never ever looked back.

Note- Kamla works in my mother's house. The elder daughters have now started their school, younger one comes with her. She is living a life full of dignity and providing the best of life to her daughters. When I came to know about her story, I felt that everyone should know about her. She is indeed an inspiration. But till today she couldn't forgive herself for that night.

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