A journey that is gauranteed to be HAPPY! #havingababychangeseverything
|   Oct 16, 2016
A journey that is gauranteed to be HAPPY! #havingababychangeseverything

To be telling the truth my life not just changed after having my little babies, it got so much better. And there are too many reasons to say so. 

We had been married for four years when I got pregnant for the first time. It was the last day of the year when I held the home pregnancy test in my trembling hand which proved that I was a "to be mother". I cried with an unknown feeling of happiness. In the nine months that followed I would talk to my baby as if he was already in my arms. I just knew it was going to be a boy. He took birth and I did too. The mother in me was born. She was a person I hadn't met before. She was extremely strong, intensely protective, surprisingly selfless and fiercely loving. When I would look into the mirror I would see myself but feel totally different.

I found myself doing things I wouldn't have ever imagined doing. Like enacting a story in an animated voice even when I was in a mall, singing to him with cartoon faces only to make him eat while we were in a crowded restaurant and also tucking a flower above my ear while traveling in a bus with people staring at me. I did all this without even a tiny amount of reluctance or hesitation. I was a whole new person who did not care what the world thought about me. I was totally comfortable in my own skin and lived for our happiness alone. This little guy had the power to do so.

As my first one grew up and was all of four I was lucky enough to be pregnant again. We were delighted to welcome our newest little bub. Parenting joy suddenly doubled up.

Even though my little one required more attention now I made it a point to spend as much as time I could with my first. That helped a lot. He would insist that I go hug the baby when he was crying. He was learning to be a big brother and I was learning to be a mother yet again. Parenting two is different than parenting a single child. My life was challenging and tiring yet it was fulfilling and fun filled. I was "good" tired. Never did I felt dull. 

When my babies hug me tightly and kiss me lovingly even when I am sweaty or messy it shows me how pure and unbias love can be. 

No wonder the simple pleasures of life such as having a hot cup of tea or watching a movie without interruption or having a heart to heart conversation with my loving husband occur extremely rarely, there are more valuable experiences to be lived and enjoyed. Parenting is a journey that gaurantees happiness. 

You might regret not having children but you will never regret after having them! 



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