A Story Of A Mother
|   May 11, 2017
A Story Of A Mother

It was a beautiful morning but a busy one too. It was drizzling and cool breeze was soothing Sunita's face while she was cooking. Her kitchen offered a big window enabling sunlight and air inside giving her all the positivity she needed. She loved to be home and look after her family of four. Her kids and her husband. They were her world. As she packed three tiffins carefully placing individual favourite items in each container she looked at the watch. She was on time like always. She checked on the three of them. Her daughter was almost ready for school but her hair looked messy. Sunita combed her hair and gave her kiss in the cheek. Her son was struggling to put on his socks. He loved to do everything on his own and hated to be asked if he needed help even though he was only three. She assisted him just a little. Her husband came out of their bedroom looking radiant in a light blue shirt and trousers to match. She smiled at him as he hugged her and kissed her forehead. The three left together waving her bye. She ran towards the window for another goodbye session. She loved her life. Although the work would tire her it didn't bore her.But today she found herself wondering what it might be like to work outside like her husband. What if she also could leave their house with her husband and kids? What if she had a job that earned money? What if she got s life apart from the current life she was living? She walked to the bedroom and sat in front of her dressing table. She looked at herself closely. Her hair was hastily tied in a bun, her tshirt was wet due to washing utensils, her track pant looked worn out, her skin was sweaty and oily, her waist ached and her shoulders hurt, in short she didn't look like she was taking care of herself well. But she hadn't even had a bath yet and she would look fresh once she had gotten ready she consoled herself. Or maybe not. Even after bath she would choose something boring to wear because she wasn't going out anywhere! She would choose the same old kurta and salwar and would tie her hair just the way she did every single day. That thought was unsettling for her. She decided she needed to talk to her husband.

That very night before sleeping she declared to him that she was indeed going to start looking for a job. It had been almost eight years that she had left her job but if she searched unswervingly she would get one. Her husband was glad to hear that. He wanted her to be happy whatever in she did. He promised her to help her make a new resume and also carry out mock interviews if required. She was beyond happy. 

The search began. She applied for all the jobs she thought were suitable. First few days she was like a soldier on duty, unwavering and decisive. But as a week passed by she began to have second thoughts.  She realised that her kids would have to return home to a maid, or spend their day at a day care. Their homecoming was a chaotic joyful experience she looked forward to everyday. She would miss it terribly. Her husband coming home to a warmly lit home filled with aromas of food and her smiling face wouldn't be an everyday affair. She began to ask herself questions. Am I strong enough to leave my kids with the maid even they aren't unwell. Am I strong enough to miss a tiny achievement of my kids if they happen to succeed at it while I am at office? Am I strong enough to not be able to hear their stories all day long? Am I strong enough to give up my role at home? Am I strong enough to replace myself with someone who would do all that I do for money? The answer was a big No. She wasn't ready. The admiration that she felt for working women increased a hundred times in her mind. But she also realised that there is nothing wrong in being less ambitious. There is nothing wrong in not wanting to make a career. There is nothing wrong in being happy at home. Work is everywhere. Happiness isn't.

What if mother's could be cloned? Would it be easier for them to achieve both home and work? I doubt. Because a home is a place you cannot trade for anything in the world. Not even with your own clone. 

Sunita had the privilege to choose. Some women don't get it. This post is only to highlight the fact that one should value what they have and not make hasty decisions only to regret later. 

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