Jungle Book Jive - A chance to make your child's wish come true!
|   Nov 25, 2016
Jungle Book Jive - A chance to make your child's wish come true!

As kids I remember eagerly waiting for a Sunday, less because it was a holiday and more because it was time for cartoons! My brother and I would spend our mornings watching our favourite cartoon characters on television. I recall wishing that these characters come alive someday and I get to see them for real! 

I have always felt and believed that although television gives you a good time, only a live stage show can gift you an experience of a lifetime. Till date I so vividly remember the stories my grandfather would enact in front of me. Be it the tale of The Red Riding Hood or The Sleeping Beauty he would present them in the best possible way. The growl of the nasty wolf or the sobs of the princess would keep me engrossed in his stories. The stories didnt just remain stories anymore, they became experiences. The characters seemed real and believable to me. Today when I enact self made stories to my kids I watch them spring up in excitement as I run like a dinosaur or roar like a lion. The magic it creates is unmatchable to the television shows that they watch. Jungle Book Jive gives you this experience with more magnificence than you can imagine.

Jungle Book is one of our all time favourite stories. The most astonishing fact about this tale is that it is not time bound. Our kids love it as much as we do. Jungle Book Jive is an hour and 20 minute live stage show of the classic. As Mowgli the cute little jovial jungle boy embarks on the jungle adventures with his friends Baloo, Bagheera and the rest of the gang it makes us fall in love with all of them. The evil roaring Sher Khan adds the much needed drama making the story all the more interesting! From jumping out of their chairs in shock to laughing heartily at the gang's histrionics, this escapade will give it all! Beautiful and extraordinary jungle backdrop with realistic sounds and perfect lighting makes this experience a memorable one indeed. 

More than entertaining, this show also gives your child the much needed values and lessons for life. The amazing team of animals subtly teaches your child about loyal friendships and fiercely protecting them. They give them a peep in the surreal world of wild animals leaving them appalled at the beauty and greatness of it. 

If you are willing to watch the show with your kids, please click here for more details.

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