The Best Kind Of Friend ( A Short Story)
|   Dec 12, 2016
The Best Kind Of Friend ( A Short Story)

Tanaya was a mother of two little girls Ria 6 and Raina 3. She had quit her job before Ria was born to enjoy her motherhood to the fullest. There were times she desperately felt like working again when she would look at her friends going back to working effortlessly. But those were only passing moments. Most of the time she believed to have taken the right decision. She was not a person who could trust anyone easily with her kids. Her mother in law had passed away a few years back and her mother lived in another city so there was no question of them being around for her kids. 

One day after both Ria and Raina were down for a noon nap she thought of making a few phone calls. She called her mother, her cousin and then her best friend. She always looked forward to talking to him. He was her oldest friend. She would often wonder what it was that lit her up while speaking to him. She knew she wasn't attracted to him that way nor had he shown any such interest ever. Theirs was a clean and strong friendship of years. Then what was it that made her days better when she would have a hearty laugh with him over the phone or when they met. She often would ponder upon this question but would fail to pin point the exact reason. They had decided to meet that Sunday for lunch. She had already told Raghav her husband to babysit their daughters so that she could meet Sameer (her best friend). Raghav had gladly given a thumps up.

She got ready, kissed her girls and Raghav before leaving. They waved her from the balcony and she blew them kisses. Sameer was waiting for her. She got into his car and they both drove to a nice cosy restaurant. "Since when did you start growing your nails!?" Was what Sameer asked her while she was reading the menu card. She laughed aloud without realising they were in a quiet restaurant. "Since a month! I hate it though. I am going to cut them soon!" She admitted. He chuckled and agreed. They ordered soup and appetizers. "I bought a new book yesterday! Guess the author?!" He exclaimed. "Don't tell me you are reading Robin Cook! After all these years I finally made you buy one of his amazing books! Yay!!"she said with a sense of accomplishment in her voice. "I bought it only to make you stop pestering me! I still hate medical details!" He teased her. "Very funny!" She declaimed. "Last night I happened to hear THE song, by the way. It was so nostalgic." She told him before singing softly, " Red red wine, stay close to meee" he smiled and sang along "Don't let me be alone, it's tearing apart my blue heart!" This was their favourite song. They would sing this to cheer each other up on dull days while making funny faces. In fact, this was the only common favorite thing they both agreed upon. Otherwise they would argue over everything. 

Their conversation went on for two more hours. Everything from phaltugiri to philosophy was discussed and dissected. As they departed Tanaya was suddenly reminded of her two little girls and an ever so loving husband. And instantly she realised the magic behind her friendship with Sameer. He never spoke about her daughters, her husband, her problems she faced as a mother or the marriage issues if any. When she met him she wasn't a mother or a wife. She was Tanaya. And that itself was magical. 

When a woman becomes a mother she is made to wear a crown of motherhood. After that happens, nobody sees her beyond the crown. She is a mother. That's it. Everyone from her parents, her in-laws, her relatives to her colleagues look at her from that angle alone. So when someone lets you take off that crown for a while it feels like bliss.

If you have (you must) such a person in your life, value them, cherish them and above all never let them go. Every mother needs such a friend, not only for a day or for a few years but for a lifetime. Isn't it?

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