The dilemma of choosing - every woman's story.
|   Oct 14, 2016
The dilemma of choosing - every woman's story.

Today we mothers are categorised in two sections. Stay at home mums and Working mums. Have you ever come across this in fathers? Have you heard of a stay at home dad? Or a working dad? There might be only one in a million. 

God gave us women the power to conceive a new life in our bodies. Blessed us with the privilege to give birth to a baby. He made our bodies so beautifully able that we can carry a tiny lump of gold inside our womb for nine whole months. That is why we are women. That is why we are DIFFERENT than men. I don't mean unequal.  I mean different. We are naturally given this power of pregnancy. And because women in today's times have started building their careers we need the so called "break" to give pregnancy the necessary time and rest. Followed by that comes the huge pressure building question of choosing to be a stay at home mom or a working mom. Only women need to choose because only women give birth. Only they go through the physical changes. Men continue to do what they have been doing. Life doesn't throw a question at them whether they want to work post becoming a father or not. 

The dilemma of choosing is faced only by women. There might be men who will be quick to say that they would love to stay home instead and care for their child if given a chance. But they need to understand that a woman doesn't even hold a chance. 

This isn't an equality issue. This is a biological fact. Women need the break. Irrespective of the fact that they are home makers or working women. They need the leave. They need the rest. They need the peace. They need the time to become caring mothers. What women dont need is the dilemma of choosing between being a stay at home mum or a working mum. They dont need the worries of unpaid maternal leave. They dont need the guilt of leaving home for a job or ignoring their career for a baby. Giving birth is not an obstacle. It is a divine blessing. It needs to be respected more than understood. 

Is it really possible to save a woman from this difficult and guilt filled choice? I havent got an answer for that yet. Have you?

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