The Ex-lovers
|   Nov 20, 2016
The Ex-lovers

Ahaana was busy in the kitchen. Rahul was taking a bath. He was already running late for office. As he quickly dressed and dried his hair he called out Ahaana to remind her about a certain contact he needed from her mobile phone. Ahaana hurriedly handed her mobile phone to Rahul and asked him to do it himself. It was a hectic morning. She had to pack Rahul's tiffin, wake their seven year old son and leave for the PTM at his school in an hour. Later she had to drop him off at a friend's place for a party. Rahul reluctantly took her mobile phone and searched for the contact he wanted and sent it to himself. He spotted a long message in the drafts and opened to read it. It read, " Darling, let's meet today. Dying to spend some quality time with you. I will be alone at home today. I ll wait for you. See you at 12! And yes, I ll wear your favourite thing! ;) "

Rahul was taken aback. He felt a pinch in his heart. Could Ahaana be disloyal to him? No! He closed the message window and kept the phone aside. He wore his shoes and opened the door to leave. Just then Ahaana rushed to his side and handed over the tiffin to him. She smiled and waved him bye. He reciprocated. 

As he walked towards his car he kept thinking who the message might have been for? Why hadn't she sent it? Did she really mean to send it to someone? Who was this guy? He reached office half heartedly. His friends called him for the usual morning tea. But he just didn't feel like going or meeting anyone. He ignored his work and was lost in his thoughts. His mobile kept ringing, his friends kept insisting for him to join. He annoyingly switched his mobile off. He looked at his wrist watch. It was 10.30. She had invited someone over at 12. Who could it be! He imagined her clad in a saree. Her open back blouse complimenting her beautiful body. The curls of her hair falling on her bare back. Her magenta coloured lips smiling at a stranger. Oh no! He couldn't take it anymore. He picked his briefcase and rushed out of his office. He sat in his car and decided to head straight home and question Ahaana, or worse maybe catch her red handed. His heart was racing. She had been his heart throb since the day he had seen her in college. Her dazzling smile had baffled him. She was in love with him too. They had always been the most talked about couple in college. How could she do this to him he thought angrily. How dare she! He reached their complex and parked the car. It was already 12.15 pm. He decided to ring the door bell and see for himself who was with her in their house. He rang the doorbell continuously and impatiently. Finally he heard her approach the door. She asked from inside, " Who is it?!" He yelled in rage, " Rahul here! Whom were you expecting for god's sake!?" She opened the door. There she  was, looking her best. Exactly how he had imagined her to look. The same saree. The same blouse. The same shade of lipstick. Her curls caressing her back. She hugged him the moment she saw him. " I am so glad you got my message! I sent it a dozen times! I was worried that you might have not received it. But I got ready anyway. My gut feeling told me you will come! How was the surprise?" She shyly asked. He didn't know what to say. He felt so guilty to have doubted her. She looked so stunning! She was all his, he was the luckiest man on Earth! He hugged her tightly and kissed her. "The surprise is so beautiful and in my arms right now!" He said to her passionately. They spent the most special afternoon that day. Just like the lovers they used to be.

That night he switched on his mobile phone and received the same message that he had read in her drafts. He read it a dozen times. This time with the broadest smile on his face.

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