The LOVE STORY that never gets old.
|   Nov 10, 2016
The LOVE STORY that never gets old.

Her eyes were on him. He was wearing a dark blue colour shirt. His hair neatly trimmed. He was giving a presentation. Though she pretended to be extremely attentive she wasn't even listening. She was glued to his eyes that moved from one corner of the room to the other. The way his forehead wrinkled when he stressed on a point with all his will. His one sided smile between sentences was killing her. She was totally and completely in love with him. The presentation was over and everyone rose. So did she. People started dispersing but she felt a strong urge to wait for him. She had failed to do so on previous occasions. He was closing the open windows on his laptop as she pretended to work on hers behind him. He began to pack his things and leave for the day. Noticing this she quickly went to him before she could change her mind, smiled and said "Hi!" He smiled back looking puzzled,  "Hey, you are Raina right? Were you in my college?" She was so thrilled that he remembered "a not so important junior" of his college. "Oh yes, I was. I was two years junior to your batch. But everyone knew you!" She grinned and then regretted grinning. He sluggishly agreed and smirked. "Do you want to ask anything in particular, because someone very special is waiting for me outside the office and I need to rush right now.!" He exclaimed. " Oh so sorry to keep you waiting, just wanted to tell you that I loved the presentation and your way of training. You are inspiring I should admit!" He shyly smiled, again one sided and thanked her for her kind words. Then almost ran out of the office like a college going boy. She stood there speechless. She had never imagined him to be married. " Why God!?!" She angrily blurted out. As she stepped out of her office she spotted him sitting in his car with a lady on his side. She felt a pang of jealousy towards the woman who was lucky enough to be sitting by his side. But then looked closely. The lady looked like it was his mother, not wife. Her face lit up and she looked again. It was his mother. Someone special could mean it was his mother who was waiting outside. She purposely walked passed his car so that he would stop her and introduce her to his mother, which he did, " Ma, this is Raina. She works here. She was with me in college too." His mother smiled sweetly and asked her about her family. " I stay with a few friends here aunty. My parents stay in Delhi." she explained. She noticed that he was staring at her the whole time she was talking to his mother. He offered to drop her home. After his mother's insistence she awkwardly agreed. As she opened the back door, his mother told her that she didnt prefer sitting in front and was just doing her son a favour so that he did not look like a chauffeur. Now that she was there, she could sit in the front seat. She was more than happy to do his mother a favour. She happily sat beside him. She so wished that she could stare at him throughout their drive. But she controlled her feelings and looked staright ahead. Soothing instrumental music was playing in the car and she thought to herself, "He even has a fabulous taste in music!" As she guided him to her address she noticed that his mother was fast asleep. He asked her if she wanted to grab a bite before going home. She felt like he was trying to extend their time together and she was secretly blushing. But she refused to eat with him as she knew her room mate would be waiting for her. Before getting down from the car she did not know what made her do what she did next. She admitted clearly about her feelings, " Nikhil, I know this is weird and we dont even know each other well but yet I am saying this. I love you. I have always loved you. Since college. And then when you suddenly showed up at my office for the technical trainings I was once again soaked completely in my feelings for you. I know this is not what generally happens. I know girls dont really speak first. But here I am breaking the stereotypes, proposing to you!" He was staring at her in utter disbelief. He quickly glanced at his mother and was relieved to see her sleeping. "You dont need to say anything right now. Take your time. But I really needed to get it off my heart! Bye!" she confidently smiled, got out of the car and began walking towards her building without looking back. Her heart was pounding like it was going to explode in a thousand pieces.

Many years later, she woke up from a daydream. "Was it really the same story again that made you dream in broad daylight?" he teasingly asked her. "Yes, OUR story!" she replied as she pinched his nose. That  evening he played the same music in their car and their daughter begged to hear their love story one again, for the millionth time.

Though this is a fictional tale we all have own little love story that we remember with all the details. Such stories always live forever because they are fondly narrated to our children and later, grand children as they hear in awe. I myself would make my grandmother tell me their love story and would never get bored of it. Ever.

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