What do you want on this Mother's day? 
|   May 12, 2017
What do you want on this Mother's day? 

Imagine! You rouse from your sleep to find no one beside you. There is a peaceful silence in the house.  You see a note on the side table.  You pick it up and read it.  A grin starts to form on your face. Your kind husband has paraded the kids outside for a whole day out! Just the thought of it is soothing I bet.  For  it to happen in reality is something else! You get up and walk into the kitchen.  Make yourself some tea and sit on the sofa.  Still no sound of anyone except your own. Bliss. You sip your steaming hot tea and close your eyes.  You worry that if you open them it might all turn out to be a dream,  but no! You open your eyes and it's still peaceful.  You spread out  your legs on the couch and switch on the T.V. Now you are sure your kids are going to pounce on you any minute and demand to play "Masha and the bear"  or "Peppa Pig"  or "Jurassic World" but yet again you are pleasantly surprised. You actually get to choose a program that you want to watch.  You are still sitting on the sofa even after an hour has passed and there is no disturbance! You literally pinch yourself assuming you are dreaming. You realize you are hungry.  You make yourself some Maggi  and add generous amount of cheese to it.  You hog on it without having  to think of your children wanting  to share from your plate or worse wanting to eat on their own resulting in a mess for you to clean.  None of that happens. You get bored of the TV and switch it off.  Still no shrills and shrieks of complain!  Wow.  You smile.  Smile some more.  What do you do now? You think about tidying up the kid's wardrobes. No you shout back.  No work today.  You decide to go for a long bath.  Long bath is a myth you had started believing. But today you finally get the chance to try it.  You look at yourself in the mirror.  You notice the beauty of your face. You take a quiet bath while no one is yelling for you from the other side of the door. You come out with a towel wrapped around you and fall on the bed.  You lie there for no reason for a good fifteen minutes.  You don't have to rush today,  don't have to cook today,  don't have to answer anyone nor you have to get ready today.  You take your time to decide what to wear and  pick a book from the shelf and cosy up inside your quilt and read.  You read and read till your stomach begins to grumble.  You finally get out of the bed and order a pizza with lots of pineapple  toppings.  Today there is no one else who gets to eat your pineapple! You pour a glass of wine for yourself and play music that you love.  The door bell rings and you can already smell the pizza. After a satisfying meal you feel sleepy again.  You think of calling your husband to check on the kids.  But decide otherwise.  You sleep yet again! After a much needed afternoon nap you decide to go out and shop. You drive to the nearest mall and spend a couple of hours shopping and treat yourself with coffee.  You come back home and the house is back to its original nature .  Noisy, messy but of course happy. So happy.  Your kids and husband welcome you with kisses and hugs.  A cake awaits you with a glowing candle standing on it. You cut the cake with your kids already licking the cream off it. But you don't mind it at all.  You have had your peace. Now all you want is chaos!  You had missed it to be telling the truth. You show them all that lies in those shopping bags.  Clothes and toys for your kids,  a watch for your husband and a pretty looking picture frame to hang in the living room.  What did you get for yourself,  your  husband is quick to ask. Nothing. I just want to click a picture of us for this frame.  That is all I really want.  A happy loving family. A mother emerges from a woman who has had a day to love herself. 

Isn't this the way you would want to celebrate Mother's day?  Wishing you all a very happy mother's day! 

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