Why I hate Chota Bheem
|   Nov 11, 2016
Why I hate Chota Bheem

As I swtich on the Television for my five year old he screams with joy and tells that he wants to watch Chota Bheem ONLY and nothing else. So I reluctantly switch the channel that telecasts Chota Bheem 24/7 ( literally) Now you will ask me why I hate it? What's wrong with a little smiling boy and his set of friends solving all the problems and facing all the calamities their village faces.I will tell you whats wrong with the show. EVERYTHING. 

I hate Bheem because he is unlike the kids of his age. He is not realistic. He never loses to anything or anyone. He never eats healthy food. He doesn't have school. He is always calm and composed. He is always brave. He is never upset. He can face any problem or a calamity with mere strength he derives from eating laddoos. He never fails at anything. He never acts his age. He advises the king and also saves him in all the episodes. 

Aren't these reasons enough to hate him? What I believe is that my child should either learn something from the cartoons he watches or he should have a hearty laugh while watching it. Bheem miserably fails at doing both. I never really see my son laughing while watching it. The question of learning something from it doesn't even arise. Instead my son comes up with questions like, why does Bheem always eat laddoo? Why doesn't his mom make him eat veggies or fruits? Why does Bheem have no school? But sadly he still wants to watch it and so must be the case with every child in India. The channels play it the whole day. So anytime you switch on the television it is right there in front of you. I am not upset that children love it. They will like anything that is even slightly funny or unusual for their imagination. My question is to the makers of such shows and characters! An ideal character for kids to love and relate to should have all the problems that our kids face in their little world. The character should be funny, smart, witty but also have all the emotions that a child of that age would have. It should be human in nature even if it is superhuman in character. It shouldn't create false notions about the world that they live in. Being brave is not something every child can do in all the situations in life. The child shouldn't feel disheartened for not being able to be like Bheem just because he did not behave like Bheem does. 

There is a show called Chamki Ki Duniya which airs only for half an hour every morning which I truly like. Along with being funny it also very gently and subtly teaches children about how difficult life can be at times and how it is okay to feel sad or scared. It also shows how children can overcome their problems with patience, perseverance and a smiling face.

I urge the makers of cartoon characters to not just make what sells but also to think about the sensibility of children. Today's kids are smarter than we were at their age. That is why it is even more necessary to create characters that make a positive impact on their lives. A character who educates them about how they can preserve earth, how they can save resources, how by compassion alone they can win hearts, bring smiles on so many faces and by doing that they will become super heroes in their own right!

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