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'Tis the season to be jolly...

We don't really celebrate Christmas but we do enjoy all the fun that comes along with it...Mum has been reading up a few blogs with really interesting Christmas Advent activities and has now taken it upon herself to come up with a fabulous line up of Advent Activities for Advika :) 

 Fruity Christmas tree - This is a real fun activity, just pick a cone shaped fruit/vegetable like a cucumber or a papaya, cut off the bottom so that it has a great base and start pricking in delicious fruits (preferably red & green) and top it off with a starfruit slice. For even more detailing, put some nuts for rocks and some sugar powder for snow!

Bake cookies/cupcakes - What's Christmas without some goodies! So go on...bring out the flour and have great time with cookie cutters or frosting and sprinkles and spread the holiday cheer

Making wrapping paper - Rather than getting store bought wrapping paper, how 'bout making your own wrapping paper. It really adds that personal touch and sets apart your present...and it barely takes much time...just get a roll of plain paper and let your imagination flow...

Paper stocking - A simple craft with some thick red craft paper. Take 2 sheets fold the first one in half and seal the end with tape, use the other one to extend in the shape of a stocking. Glue some cotton on the top and get decorating the stocking...and make sure to use really big and thick paper to get more presents :)

Edible winter wonderland - This one's for really young kids, but quite adorable...get some green Froot Loops, melt some butter and marshmallows and add in the Froot Loops and shape them like trees. Add in some whipping cream and some sprinkles/ candies and you have your very own edible winter wonderland!

Snap a pic with Santa - Be sure to get a snap with Santa, it makes a great memory

Make a paper tree - This one is pretty simple and looks lovely...Just make a paper cone, then with the help of double sided tape, paste some paper loops and then embellish it t your heart's content...Ta-dah!

Enjoy some traditional Christmas desserts - What's Christmas without a little indulgence? Go on, enjoy a plum cake/pudding or how 'bout a log cake

Go for a Christmas carnival/party (or two) - Most cities are brimming with carnivals/parties at various children's activity centers or malls or residences...have a really fun time shopping for some goodies and try your hand at a couple of games...Spread the cheer :)

Don a Christmas accessory and do a photo shoot - Grab those reindeer horn hairbands or sweaters or jammies and do a photo shoot with the whole family, don't leave your pet out! For us I guess its always been Santa hats!!

Enjoy the decorations - Go to the place with the best Christmas decorations in your city/town and snap some pics...snowman, reindeer, baubles, Christmas trees, wreath, winter wonderland et al...they make good memories/post cards

Glitter paper trees - This is a pretty simple one, just cut out some thick paper, color/paint it and then use different color glitter glue to decorate it, it looks really pretty! You could also paste it to a paper roll so that it stands.

Baubles with foam glitter stickers - This is a really simple craft but ends up looking beautiful. Use a plastic ball (we used the ones which come with Gems candies) and paste some glitter stickers. In India, these stickers are easily available at Hobby Ideas or Staples. Finally, just paste some ribbon for a loop and your lovely bauble ornaments are ready!!!

Bead Candy Canes - This simple craft adds so much color to your tree...Just string some colorful beads into a pipe cleaner and bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of a candy cane...Brilliant...right!?

Paper wreath - Just take something round like a cooker gasket or an embroidery ring, wrap some newspaper around it to make it thick and then wrap colorful strips of paper (we used quilling strips). Embellish your wreath to your heart's content (we used buttons, sequins, wrapping bows) and put in some ribbon to hang it, don't you :)

Cardboard Gingerbread men - This one is really simple, just cut out some old cardboard (we just used an old carton) in the shape of gingerbread men and color in the details like hair, face, clothes etc...Inexpensive, quick and sooo much fun!!!

Hand and foot print Reindeer - Most websites feature this activity and why shouldn't they! The sheer simplicity leading to such brilliant output makes it a favorite!! Just trace your foot for the reindeer face, trace your palms for the horns and draw in details of the face (the bows were my idea)...Well, we just had to go for the entire herd!!!

Building snowmen with homemade snow - Those living in places with actual snow, lucky you! Here, we just made some homemade snow with cornflour and shaving foam, just keep mixing them till you feel the right consistency to mould them and build your very own snowmen! It is a small consolation, but nevertheless it is good fun!!!

Catch some holiday movies - What better time to catch some holiday movies could there be! My favorite holiday would have to be FROZEN! Another one which I dig is Home Alone...Get your popcorn ready! 

Write a letter to Santa - One of the most important activities and one which parents absolutely encourage as it involves writing practice is writing a letter to Santa and of course posting it out!


Learn some Christmas carols - Get into the spirit of the season with some fun carol singing...So far I've learnt Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Twelve days of Christmas

Indulge in some All-day Breakfast treats - Why not spend the whole day in having fun breakfast treats - waffles, pancakes, lentil pancakes (mini pesarattu), sandwiches of different shapes :)

Snow play - Don't get snow? Fret not! Just indulge in some fabulous foam or confetti snow play! You can enjoy without the chills!!

Christmas Hut - This one is my most(est) favorite activity...we took my tent frame put a red & white table cloth and red chart paper to cover it...decorated it with some crafts, Christmas ornaments and paper cutouts...and here's our super cute Christmas hut...I slept in it throughout Christmas Eve and didn't even realize when Santa delivered my presents!!! 

Putting up the tree - Of course this has to be the grand finale...putting up the tree, the ornaments, the lights :)

And here's a few more :)

 Christmassy Sidewalk Chalk Portrait

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