Frozen Theme Birthday Party
|   Feb 24, 2016
Frozen Theme Birthday Party

By far, this would have to be the party with minimum planning...We all knew the theme would be Frozen this year right since my birthday party last year! We already had the costumes in place (sigh of relief)...We knew the kind of activities and decoration we wanted and luckily found a fantastic team to beautifully execute our ideas.

Welcome to my Frozen Party!

We designed our invite with images and lyrics of songs from the movie...we sent out the invite images on WhatsApp 3-4 days in advance to all the guests followed by a personal voice msg

On the day of the party, as my friends arrived, I was all ready as Anna to receive them

Once we were done with our initial excitement of meeting each other, we took pics at the photo booth where I had a special surprise for my princess friends...Elsa costumes!

Once we were done with that, I was ready to reveal this to my friends!

Our very own confetti snow yard!!! The party just leveled up once my friends and I got in! We went absolutely crazy and came up with so many creative styles of play...we just weren't ready to get out!

After a while my uncle arrived with supplies to make homemade snow (cornflour and shaving foam) and snow spray...Unfortunately things went a bit haywire (for the parents) since we didn't mix the flour and foam and decided to use them in their raw forms...

For what it's worth, we still had a gala time (the clean-up was a little tiresome)

With so much activity, we needed some refreshments to recharge...finger foods - potato smileys, corn cheese balls, and cold drinks...This was followed by tattoos

Meanwhile, I was as usual whisked off for my change for cake cutting...And finally it was cake cutting time

Supper - pav bhaji and noodles was served post cake cutting and the DJ took over...My friends got going with a big smile and a DIY art kit as a favor. And once they left, family took over the snowyard!

And then came the best part...Presents unwrapping!  

Let it go...

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