Phuket - Day 2
|   Mar 21, 2016
Phuket - Day 2
Day 2 of our Phuket trip was what we had all been waiting for - Tiger Kingdom! For the longest time, mum had been wanting to go to Thailand for these tiger encounters. At Tiger Kingdom you have 4 sizes of tigers to choose from - Small, Medium, Big, Biggest. 
Kids are only allowed for the Small tigers which are 4-6 months. Mum, aunt and I went for the Small one. We were given a short orientation and then taken into an enclosure with 2 cubs. It is best to firmly stroke the cats and not tease them.

Gramps went for the medium one which was 12-18 months. The sheer size and magnificence of the big cat was spellbinding! While granma was petting one of the tigers, he suddenly woke up and roared!

We had a great time petting the tiger cubs and tigers, taking pictures with them and watching so many tigers all around. We had lunch (sandwiches, fried rice and delicious Thai coconut) at Tiger Kingdom itself and had a great view of the tigers during lunch too.
We then headed for a short stop at the Upside Down House (Baan Teelanka), had a fun time taking crazy pics and checking out the upside down house.

We returned to the resort and had a super fun time splashing in the pool! We then headed to the JW Marriott property for dinner, and boy was it luxurious! We had a delicious dinner at the Italian restaurant. They had a special kiddie menu and even gave me colors and coloring sheets. It was a lovely dining experience...

Post dinner we explored the property for a while and then went back to Marriot Vacation Club and retired for the day with a BIG smile :) 

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