Digital Media - Good or Bad for Kids!
|   Apr 13, 2017
Digital Media - Good or Bad for Kids!

In today's techno savy world, every house is full of devices, it seems to be a challenge to keep children and adults away from it.

When a lady is pregnant the first piece of instruction advised is to stay away from all the electronic gadgets, to stay away from her smart phone.It is only because they transmit electro magnetic​ waves which are harmful for the body and the growth of the foetus.

While it has been observed by pediatricians, mothers have become very carefree, and just want their child and themselves to be happy. So they have considered the easy way of managing; give the child the tool so that their focus changes from the food to the gadget, And make the child, unnoticingly eat the food. It is seriously a project for the mothers. Mothers want their private space, so they figure out the easy way out.

One of the pediatricians Dr. Harish Agarwal, resident of Abu Dhabi, showed his concern and stated, no baby should be exposed to any form of electronic gadgets including TV till 2 yrs of age. (Medical fact).Absolutly no to any sort of computer games to any kids of any age. (my personal experience). Limiting the screen exposure time, to less than 2 hrs/day- Including all- tv, computer, mobile etc .(medical facts). The fact is kids are busy and quiet, especially for harassed parents who have more urgent things to do in life than attending to the kids.

This is exactly what most of the moms are suffering from and making thier lifes horrible. Once kids get addicted, it becomes difficult to wean off the gadgets, as now it is feeding and cartoons and later on it becomes ipad and smart phones. Prevention is the best cure. This is what you need to educate others.

Some of the negative aspects of these smartphones on children are:

Firstly, health hazards; It affects the brain activity, for children who are less than 2 years of age.

Secondly, lack of interaction between parents and children, resulting less bond between parents and family.

Thirdly, children are missing out the important development milestones.

Spend time with your children without any devices and communicate with them. Give them your undivided attention and help them establish empathy, while creating long lasting memories. Finally avoid having meals in front of the TV, try to minimise the use of smartphone in front of your child.

It is truly said,

"Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression."


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