Is it Really tough for a Women to return to work after career break?
|   Sep 15, 2016
Is it Really tough for a Women to return to work after career break?

Going back to work for a Women after a career break can be tough in the current climate, but the toughest challenge you face is building up your confidence to apply for jobs. Lack of confidence is a huge barrier facing women who have taken years out of the workforce. You need to think about the experience you already have, both in work and outside work. Not only have you built up a raft of skills as a parent which are useful in the workplace, including time management, communications skills.It’s a fact that any woman having children will take some time off from their work to raise them. Some women jump back to their jobs right away, while others take an extended leave in order to spend several years with their children before returning to work. Those who leave work for a lengthier time, though, have found bigger challenges getting back into the work force.

So From Where to begin?

1. Tap your networks, including friends, family and former employers/colleagues. Exploit social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Many jobs are advertised this way nowadays. If you are contacting an employer who doesn’t know you, you could ask to do a few days’ trial or a short-term project so that they can see what you’re capable of. Put forward a good business case for why hiring you on flexible hours makes sense for the organisation.

2. Try organisations that specialize in offering flexible work, which works with employers who are keen to promote their family friendly credentials. Also, do research in the field you want to work in to find out what the best firms to work for are in terms of flexible working. Working Families runs an awards scheme that identifies good practice. Check the websites of the firms you want to work for – look at their HR policy and check out issues like their attitudes to flexible working. Those that have good policies on flexible working are usually keen to advertise it and to list what they offer. Look out for companies that offer a range of different types of flexible working, from flexi-time and compressed hours to working from home and job shares. Talk to people who work there, if you can, as this will give you a better idea of whether policy translates into practice.

3. When you go for interviews, don’t be shy about asking about the company’s flexible work policies. You don’t need to ask outright if you can work part-time or from home. It is better, at interview stage, to ask indirect questions about the company’s policies, about whether people normally work beyond their contracted hours and about how many of their employees work flexibly. Be realistic and don’t ask for a degree of flexibility which clearly will not work for the kind of job you are applying for.

There is another segment of Women are those who has taken maternity leave and goes back, maybe to the same job or to the same organisation but a different role. Other mums have been out for a longer period of time and they will be going back into an industry where technology has moved on and they have to re-establish themselves. They're the ones with the greatest fears. But one have to look at their skills and as a mother and repackage them to an employer: it's all about how you sell yourself these days.

What do about with the CV gap?

Another area many women worry about is how to describe the career gap in their CV. Some mums write it very boldly near the top of their CV, but it can be better not to draw undue attention to it. One solution is to ignore the gap altogether – instead of writing the usual chronological CV, you can instead choose to create a skills-based one, emphasizing the experience and qualities that make you stand out and which are particularly appropriate to the job you’re applying for. Another common mistake is to send out CV to as many people as possible, without spending time first thinking through exactly what sort of job you want, what relevant experience you have – both paid career experience and unpaid personal experience – and what kind of hours will suit you . 

Another decision a women has to take regarding her family which includes her kids specially. That in her absence who will and how the children will be taken care of. It is very important to first finalize all the things then start doing work. Why it is important because if at home everything is fine and someone is there to look after children be it mother in law ,mother or any person then only women can work effectively at their workplaces. Otherwise stress or tension will remain in their head regarding the family.

Above all, if a women really wants to restart her professional journey,she must have strong determination and dedication then she can do work after a long break. Yes Confidence is the key. If i take my example , i believe in three statements and i keep on reminding myself whenever i found any difficulty. These are - I can do it ,I have to do it and i will do it. Believe me it works . I studied after i became a mother ,gave exams,attended classes that too with my two small kids because i have to do job after a break of 5 yrs. Earlier i have done an MBA and in a bank before marriage but i found that after a gap i have to brush up my skills or have to add my knowledge so that i can compete with the outside world. Which is obviously far more different and difficult now as compared to when i started a few years back.

My support system is my husband who has supported me in my entire journey .He is the one who keeps on motivating me and helped me in taking a decision to restart my professional journey. That's how i started. Always believe in yourself that you can do it. I wanted to tell every women that children or marriage does not put an end to your career. it is myth. Family and kids are also an important part of women's life ,plan marriage and family on time because once you are finished with your personal responsibilities ,you can always work. I owe my success and where i am today is to my family which includes my mom and her strong faith in God, because blessings always work.

I believe that if one has talent it can not go anywhere even if you sit at home.So let's all the young beautiful mommy 's gear up and start working.

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