Samosa as snacks for our kids? Maa, are you kidding me...
|   May 12, 2017
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Samosa as snacks for our kids? Maa, are you kidding me...

Does that sound like a familiar conversation with our mothers or mil?

Let’s go back in time, among all my childhood memories, one of the closest to my hearts is one from the birthday party. the balloons,  games, caps and not to forget..the food, specially the samosas. Back in those days, they were not that easily accessible, so whenever we laid our eyes on them, nothing less than two would go on our plates...Did our parents ever stop us to remind how unhealthy they were? Or were there any healthier options laid out in front of us? Mostly no..But we still grew up to be healthy ladies & gentlemen..Does that mean we can carry forward to same philosophy to our kids? Definitely no...

The health grade of our environment has gone down to such levels, where only way to undo the damage caused, is by living a healthy life, which can be achieved by following a exercise regime and eating a nutritious meal. Looking at my toddler son, by nature of his age, I guess he gets enough exercise. But nutrition is something I need to manage and ensure he gets enough. As a family, we ensure we sit together for the three big meals a day and take everything from salad, curd, veggies, pulses, rotis and dessert. The most neglected, yet important meals of the day are snacks.

Traditionally, savories (including bhujia/namak para/mathri) and biscuits have made the cut, but they definitely do not meet  the nutrition requirements.  We need to ensure handy, healthy snacks are readily accessible, quick to prepare and high in nutritional value per serving. Along with health factor, it should also satisfy the taste buds of your little bud. So I make a conscious effort to balance the two, either in form of ingredients or dishes per serving. Some options which have been successful with my son are chocolate shake (tasty protein rich), papri chaat with green chutney(carbs + proteins + iron), fruit chaat, roohafza lassi (sugar & protein rich), stir fried tofu stuffed pita pockets (proteins + carbs). I make a conscious  effort to use a protein based ingredient in his snacks, specially yogurt.

As a family, we frequently go for road trips, so managing the above meal plans are very tough on such days. Before our last road trip, while I was grocery shopping for the road, I came across fruit flavored yogurts from NESTLE and problem was solved. I picked up 12 packs in 3 different flavors, kept them in a ice box and was sorted for 6 snacks servings..1 pack of yogurt with a handful of nuts is one of our favorite snacks, not only while travelling but also on my lazy days at home ..:)

#Healthysnacks for everyone, Fathers, mothers, daughters and son!!

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