The Cold Feet on my way to work !!
|   Feb 15, 2017
The Cold Feet on my way to work !!

My hands felt cold, so did my heart,

My eyes were wet, with no sign of sleep so far,

I laid in bed that night, with fear of the day to come,

When I was to step out, leaving behind my little plum.

        Only if the tiny little hands, could hold mine today,

        And whisper in my ears, mummy please don't go away,

        But he lay unperturbed, cuddled up with his daddy,

        No clue that he will be on his own, this same way every day..

Am walking this way, to move ahead and prove myself,

Leaving him behind, to unfold the secrets of life himself,

won't be there to help him take those tiny steps,

Wondering how he will learn to wipe his own tears instead.

        My dear son, I am sorry for not being there,

        But as much as I love you, I love being here.

        Am sorry for not being a full time mom,

        But I was just not designed to sit at home. 

I am sorry for not cooking your meals,

But I got to be here to close a few deals.

I am sorry for not giving you a shower every morning,

But I got to earn my bread for the dinner this evening.    

        I got to be me, before I am yours, 

        I got to find myself, before I let you explore.

        I am sorry for not being around, whenever you fall,

        But I got to be on my own, to teach you how to stand tall. 

But I want you to know, I have your back.

I will be next you,  when you go off track 

I want you to know, I will trust you when the world will not

I want you to know, your dad will be your buddy, no matter what.

       But I also want you to know, don’t mess with us ever,

        We are one when it comes to you, that will be the case forever.  

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