Dear Complex WORLD I will not leave my Simplicity no matter how hard you try for it
|   Jun 08, 2017
Dear Complex WORLD I will not leave my Simplicity no matter how hard you try for it

From the very early age we are taught that one should be kind to everyone , be polite , be humble etc . Even we teach our kids to be kind & caring towards other. But how do we treat a person who is simple , caring and kind in reality… these persons are taken for granted by this cunning and selfish world .There were times when I have thought of giving up all this so called good qualities as in return I was consider stupid and even old fashioned . People use to play trick with me but even by trying hard I was not able to act cunning / selfish , that’s because I was born with it :)

I decided that I am not going to change for anyone in this world I cherish to be simple and kind . I was able to overcome all the negativity when I read of bunny attitude who expects that “If I don’t eat lion , He should also not eat me” … well how can we expect a loin to behave like that ??? Its a natural behavior.  So if BAD will not going to change for GOOD , then why should GOOD change for the BAD . This was the point where my serenity began…

Now I love to be the same. I am a strong believer that whatever we give to this world comes back to you in an unexpected way …"THE KARMA" and it works  . Its like pure maths give and take ,timing might be different but it definitely works . Dalai Lama have said “ Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.. ". You should not change your thoughts .Just love the way you are & you the doing great :) Keep on the great work and pass it on to your little one as well .

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