Getting Pregnant …. Not easy like Bollywood Movies
|   Jun 29, 2017
Getting Pregnant …. Not easy like Bollywood Movies

Getting pregnant was not that easy like we see in Bollywood movies, even they get pregnant in 1 go ;) well the real life story has much more in it. I also grow up watching movies and had a myth that it is one of the part of life that happens just like other things are happening. Not only movies even among our society /relatives hardly there were couples how actually struggled for kids, at that time not getting pregnant was the real struggle ;), may be this was because at that time the couples get married in their early 20s but now As a working female I was married at 27 and it took me 2 years (I was about to be 30) to get into a married life (well still struggling for it) after then I was in the position to start thinking about kid. Also as we both were working due to some work commitment we started planning after 2 years. I started consulting doctor as I didn’t wanted to waste my time any more… and from here the real drama begins ….

 I was gone through many ultra sounds that came out fine , apart from PCOD in left ovary , but this was not exactly the show stopper as right one was fine . So the doctor said we will treat the left one but the chances of getting pregnant normally are there due to the right one . Then was the case my entire Mensuration Cycle was observed to find out my most fertile days, this took around 10 day to fine out my fertile days .I was on medication as well, this lasted for 2-3 months then I switched my job so the idea of getting baby came on back seat for another 1 year because my new job was very stressful and tiring so can’t even thing of getting pregnant in that kind of job. I struggled to find a new job with a little less pressure. As we were now completing 4 years of marriage so I gave myself a timeline of six month to try normally and then go for IUI or IVF .Actually trying normally was not exactly normal as we were in so much of pressure, calculating days , using medication , home pregnancy test etc.

Then on a very fine day I got a message from my aunt that she is coming to meet us for 2-3 days but due to god grace her visit was extended , As my aunt was coming my mom , my sisters and few cousins also planned to visit my place . Means that I was super happy surrounded by all my favorite people just having fun around . After 1-2 weeks I came to know that I have missed my period and had a vomit (the first and the last one in my entire pregnancy ) but as on my fertile days was busy gossiping with my ladies …. I never thought that double lines are going to appears but yes that was the month when I got the first sign of my son as double lines …. I am a mom of 3 years old now :) 

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