Let your child be the Member of the family Not the BOSS
|   Jun 06, 2017
Let your child be the Member of the family Not the BOSS

Let your kids know the reality, let them face it. Because the soon they know , the faster they accept it. Knowing the reality is always good . Giving them WIN WIN situation will not make them strong in longer go of life . I am a working women who has just started working again after 2 years of maternity break ,I enjoyed my maternity break at my fullest . No matter lots of negative comments were keep on coming regarding my parenting but I never let it utter my Motherhood experience . As a working professional I missed my professional life as well  . So when my son was 3 years old I decide to work and got a dream job , A onsite assignment with decent salary (which actually you don’t get after a maternity break ;)  , my hubby works from home so I said yes to the job . And this was the time to make my little one know the reality of life, As till now he was all the time with his mom and we were in India so all the household work was done but maids. He was like the Boss of the family whatever he needed was in front of him before he could even ask . Our life was going around him .But as I joined back my job a ‘tag a war’ started between the MOTHER and the PROFESSIONAL inside me . I was very firm that I will give my best where I will be no matter what whether it’s being a MOM  or a professional . When I am at office I give my 100% at work , and stop thinking about kids and household chores.

When I go home I am with my kid hopping , singing and dancing, in between if I get few minutes (usually it is not more than 10 mins) I use to wind up my  little stuff like dusting , kneading , chopping.  While I do my household work I make my kid realize that Mumma is doing a task that is necessary for us , He should know the reality some time he agrees and sometime I agree to play with him . Even on week ends I realize him making a breakfast is important for us so Mumma will go and make it . I know that it is more challenging at the tender age of 3 years , but as he grows big he will have a sense for house hold work and can realize how the reality of life goes . Believe me these little munchkins are much much more than we think , I believe that he will definitely set into our family as a Member and not a BOSS .

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