I am confused !
|   Feb 17, 2016
I am confused !

This one is for all the mothers whose daughters have entered the 'tween' years or are about to enter the teens...am sure each one of us will identify with this :)

Dear Daughter,

As you turn twelve, I wondered how time flew...and you turned from the tiny bundle  to a tiny tot to a lively little girl and now ready to be a teenager. I did not realize when the little head that used to be way below my chin, as I combed the lovely locks, crossed my eye level and I have to find higher ground for better view to do the needful.

I did not realize how my T-shirts and track pants started missing from my cupboard and were in the laundry basket without me using them ( You took advantage of fitting into them). I also did not realize, you fit into my shoes till you wore my slip ins in a rush to walk the dog!!! I do remember the day when you could open a door's top latch but I still did not realize that my baby had grown up...or have you really grown up?

I still wait for the day when I do not have to remind you to study. I still have to say at least thrice when you come from school "Come on, change quickly and eat your lunch." I do stumble upon your slippers in the middle of your room once you leave for school and have to put them back in their place. I do have to glare at you once a day to stop you from troubling your little brother and I do have to still tell you that the toothache will be fine if you think of good things. And I think "Nah, she is still a baby...hasn't grown up."

 Then I see you  favouring the mirror more often, I do see the collection of nail paints ( mostly untouched but collected nevertheless), the trouble on your face when all is not well with friends, you shouting at your brother when he tries to listen to your 'convo' with friends. I find myself exercising 'extreme patience' when I say "Stop troubling him!" and you look me in the eye and say "Why? He also troubles me." Then, I see saw to "Oh! she has grown up!"

You know what, I cannot make up my mind if I was happy with my tiny girl or am I looking forward to seeing my confident, grown up daughter !!! I am confused. I miss my little one who would find security in my arms and probably thought I was her world. I am also proud of my tween who shows independence, does not need me for everything ( whether it is changing clothes or selecting friends) and will probably cross me in height. Her world seems to be expanding with more friends. Your being popular makes me feel good but somewhere there is a twinge of sadness as I share you with others.

You take care. As you grow, I will grow with you as a mother. We will walk the path together, learn to find our way and our peace. Love you always....Mom! 


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