|   Nov 24, 2016

It is impossible to claim that all Moms fall into categories, there are, and I’m sure fellow Moms would agree, a few similar characters you will all encounter at your workplace, Because we spend most of our time at office it is interesting to find out how we carry out the duties as Mom along with our Work.


The Show off Mom

This Mom will not leave a single opportunity to showcase her child’s recent activity and how he is smarter than any kid around.She is always ready with stories about what he did the other day and how intelligently he operates the iPad without anyone’s assistance , play games like candy crush. She also has images and videos as proofs which she barely forgets to show.

The Shopaholic Mom

The Mom who you will most of the time notice buying stuff for her little one. No matter how much ever loaded she is with work but will always have time to browse through these websites .You meet her and she will talk about the cute dress she bought for her daughter the other day and  the amazing toys she got for her. She will always check if you know anything which she didn’t get for her kid.


The Over Concerned Mom

Though in office her heart lies at home and she will constantly call up to check if the child is doing fine if the medicines are given, lunch is fed, whether she is out in the sun or did she have adequate water or fruits etc.You can always and always find her on the phone.

The Poor Mom

She is the one with lots of issues in her kitty, surrounded by people sympathising with her situation, with a maid who is mostly on leave, a not so good mother in law, definitely not a supportive husband and yes a naughty kid . You will find her in Oh ! I am so troubled state and how much ever you try to take her out from that she will find another reason to get into that mode again basically she loves being the Poor Mom.

The Questionnaire Mom

I think they are born with a question mark on their head. They have lots and lots of queries and are always looking for suggestions from either google , friends, relatives, bosses , colleagues, in fact, anybody who has kids is eligible for a suggestion.

The Super cool Mom

She is the ultra modern mom who is obviously the best in anything she is part of. She will always portray how she manages her house, her work and keeps everything balanced. She always has a lot of time for herself, smart enough to keep her kids in control, her work life is also rocking. She knows all the tips and tricks of  being a perfect woman and so you will always find her giving suggestions to other fellow moms.


The Social Mom

She is the fashionista mom who is totally into herself, Always heading for the next after office party, regularly socialising with her outside office friends . You will hardly find her talking about her family but about the last night party and how she enjoyed herself while the hubby took care of the little one.

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The Normal Mom

If she averages in all the above qualities then she can be categorized as a normal mom,she is as much in office as she is at home. She will sort everything at  the place before leaving , beautifully managing her home and work and also a doting mother who will not miss a single opportunity to be with her child.


We working mothers know we’re moms first—and because we have so much on our plates, we have to be as efficient as possible. That often includes the way we wrangle our kids. Still, parenting can make even the best-intentioned of us a bit…well, intense at times. Oh ! I almost forgot to share, I am the Over Concerned Mom.


Which category do you fall in? Share in the comments below.

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