|   Mar 16, 2017

Infertility is something that no one talks about. It’s the third rail for social conversations. It’s an awkward conversation which people avoid in fear of being judged and condemned. But today I want to write about it. I have seen families suffer, couples getting divorced.

Today I am going to write down a story of a couple who have taken years to build a house into a home. This story is about them and their marriage which has taken a toss due to Infertility.

A sweet story

They both meet at a friend’s place fall in love go against the family get married and live happily until they decided to build up their nest further and plan a child. Obviously, they were very casual about it but after trying for a couple of years they finally decided to make the dreaded journey to an Infertility Specialist. The First Doctor they visit is a pathetic one. He questioned her efforts, her dedication Pregnancy.

The Truth

Though she has entered the phase but still life is unsure, She is under medical examination a miracle which happens normally is now through a medical procedure which is not guaranteed whether it would bring success or not. Her husband is equally supportive throughout but insider her something was failing miserably. She was losing the trust ,the faith, the hope. Her days were being dominated by medical tests , examinations, re-attempts but all that she got was nothing just hope.

She was getting scared day by day, her heart was filled with anger ‘Why me’

She had started dreading Pregnancy . Gripped with depression she wakes up every morning only to realise that today again there are piles of tests lined up. There people everywhere all around ready with their advice, trying to put her down. They tell her to do Yoga, drink lots of water, and question her lifestyle.

Then her husband takes a stand. He wants this phase to go away in fact he tells her does not want a child not at the cost of losing her. But she is hell determined to have one. So they decided to take the path of IVF.

The Joy

Finally ,after doing research, they book an appointment to a hospital called “Cloudnine”. They are unsure of what is best for them. They are yet to go through several examinations. The doctors out there are helpful people. They explain them everything, know that they are scared, anxious and depressed so they are given counselling other than medical examination. The day went well, they come back home read more about IVF join forums and find out that they have chosen the best Hospital for the Process and are positive for the outcome.

Though IVF does not guarantee success but during several visits to the hospital they met parents who have come out successfully with even twins. She is back to the path of being normal and decides to take every possible chance for the baby.

Getting a hormone shot did sound insane but getting something which they have desperately been wanting for years helped them go through it.

Though the first cycle was not successful, next time they had a blastocysts transferred which resulted in three fertilised egg and a transfer of two embryos. Two scans and many HCG level tests later, it was confirmed at six weeks and two days that there was a heartbeat!

The worst thing about the whole fertility journey is not the treatment but the emotional rollercoaster you are on and most importantly that your life feels like it is on hold.

The Journey

Their relationship as a couple has definitely grown stronger with all the pain they have gone through.But they consider them self-lucky that they could at least have their own child. The miracle named IVF came a little late in their life but it did and made everything alright. 

Some Tips She shares:

  • First-time IVF rates are low so be prepared for another round.
  • Do not read around or google everything instead stay calm and prepare for the best.
  • While you are between cycles don’t just blame yourself, enjoy the time and think about the positive which is gonna come.
  • Everyone has a separate journey but the same target so share your experience with others and help each other with all the motivational and love. We all need it.


Why did they find Cloudnine unique?

  • The Specialised Doctor attended us quickly and we had to go through reduced amount of injections
  • The cost incurred as compared to other friends who went through this at a different hospital was 50%less.
  • They had already warned us about multiple pregnancies danger and risks involved, unlike other hospitals who asked us to go for it.
  • The Doctors at the Cloudnine Hospital were the best in their job. They knew what I was going through and took special attention of the needs. They had warned us of all the repercussions and also of the success stories. The entire journey was very smooth unlike with others whose stories I read on other platforms.
  • Cloudnine has had the highest success stories due to an expert panel and a strict process. They provided the correct counselling and guidance which made the treatment program successful. They had trained counsellors who provided the much-needed support during the entire process.This Story has been shared by a Very close friend who went through the entire process of IVF at Cloudnine and came out smiling with a sweet and wonderful family member they had longed forever.


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