Solution to every fussy-eaters' problems
|   Jun 29, 2017
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Solution to every fussy-eaters' problems

I am always rushing. What to do, being a mom, and with a thousand odd jobs to complete, I’m just all over the place! With the times and lifestyle changing even my three years old is always rushing or busy with his schedule. I have never seen him sit quietly to have his food especially during the morning when he has to rush for school he hardly finishes his meal leave apart the fruits or salads. Dealing with all this each morning has become a part and parcel of my life. Meanwhile, I received an invite for an event organized by Tropicana and mycity4kids, on 9th June’2017. This event was in collaboration with Tropicana India.

Tropicana with their juices has helped a mom's life in balancing out by giving the required nutrition through it. We attended the launch of new variants by Tropicana Essentials which are a balanced blend of essential fruits and vegetables that are important for a child’s growth, provides adequate nutrition and provides an all round development in the kids. The juice is a good source of vitamin A&C where Vitamin A helps in normal metabolism and Vitamin C helps in better absorption of Iron. The juice comes in a tetra pak so it has no preservatives. After being enlightened about the product by the Tropicana team, we also had an opportunity to interact with a panel which consisted of a psychologist and a nutritionist. They shared their knowledge on childhood nutrition, what’s good for a child and what is bad, and if packaged juices were safe for kids. The panel and the Tropicana team were extremely patient and calm to take our queries and resolve it. I was amazed when Tropicana team ensured that there are no preservatives and we can get it tested in any lab! I remember my doctor advising me against the packaged juices but the doctor from the panel gave a very detailed explanation about it. Most of the packaged juices have preservatives, which concern me, but Tropicana Essentials is 100% juice and hence, it has erased all my fears regarding the same.

An open forum where mothers could clear all their doubts and Tropicana India’s representatives didn’t shudder away from the questions, rather happily and in a very straightforward way answered them all. We all were convinced with her primarily, because her explanations made sense. This direct approach is what pleases parents, isn’t it? We believe in what we see or hear, and not merely rumours. A lot of myths busted and I feel clearer about the brand and its product. It was fun catching up with fellow like-minded bloggers. We got some amazing goodies. And I am surely going to include Tropicana Essentials in my family’s regular routine.

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