Top 8 Things i Did to make my Home Baby Ready
|   Mar 03, 2017
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Top 8 Things i Did to make my Home Baby Ready

A lot has been said about being the first time mom. Today I also want to express my feelings about the anxiety, the excitement, the worry everything that I had before my little bundle came into this world.

“I felt you, you were a pea. Then a lemon, then an eggplant. I followed advice. I read books and I quit caffeine .I was scared, I sang to you I talked to you.  I wasn’t ready but then you were here with ten toes and weighed ten pounds. There was love all around.”

Since the time I knew I was pregnant I think I started preparing my house, myself, my family for the new member. But my high point was when I stopped going to office a week before the due date. That time I started preparing my house for my little one. It’s a tradition to wear old clothes for the first 45 days till the puja is not done. So I had clothes from my cousins, sisters, relatives everyone though I did not want him to wear those but I knew my mother in law will not like it. So just to handle the worry I washed all the clothes twice-thrice in antiseptic and then ironed them properly and packed inside my hospital bag. My husband bought lots of soft toys which I washed in antiseptic a number of times just to ensure there are no germs on them, because I knew baby will take it in his mouth.

On one hand there were friends who were preparing me with how little sleep my body can function on and on the other hand I was getting anxious with all the preparations I need to do at my end.

How I prepared my home for my little one

  • I made my bedroom to feel like a relaxing comfortable nest for my little one. I got a nightstand, some reading materials for my little one and also some stuff toys.
  • I also stuffed my wardrobe with good comfy postnatal clothes, some comfy nursing bras.
  • Prepared my car by cleaning it with antiseptic inside. Then stashed some diapers and wipes in the glove compartment.
  • Then I got my entire house cleaned not even single corner was left unattended. I checked everywhere my baby could go or a place which could cause harm because I knew once the baby is here I won’t get time to do all this.
  • Baby proof the toys and the crib. I checked the corners of the crib, removed the extra stuff from the crib to avoid suffocation.
  • Cleaned the baby bottle and feeding essentials. Though I was sure about breastfeeding but still I bought all the bottled feeding equipment's along with the pump. I boiled and sanitised everything in fact I overboiled and burned the bottle so had to buy a new one.
  • Also bought a baby monitor though I planned dot keep the baby in my room but still there can be moments when the baby is unattended and alone in the crib. So this little piece of technology is very comforting during initial days.
  • We also bought huge bottles of Dettol, hand sanitizers and baby wipes because we knew we are going to need a lot of these. I bought small sanitizer bottles and installed it everywhere like in our car, in my in laws room and in the drawing room so wherever the baby is and whoever wants to touch can first apply the sanitizer and then play with him.

I think I went overboard in preparing my home for my baby but that is something which I felt important and the need to do it. I was having a whole range of emotions – from blank exhaustion to total elations’ knew that the house was a total adult home so the extra preparation to make it kid friendly is required. I constantly had that worry about how my new born will be doing. But after doing the above I was all calm and composed because somewhere I knew I have done everything that is required to keep the baby safe. Dettol is a brand which plays an important role in keeping a mom’s sanctity intact.

I am writing to you about all this because recently I was invited to this event organised by mycity4kids and Dettol where the Dettol team played a video regarding the brand shift from being an anxious brand to a more relaxed and happy one.

I could relate to the video so much, the mum to be in the video was typical me and all the memories three years back came flashing in front of my eyes because that was exactly what I did to prepare for my new born.

The event was also very interesting in the way there was a photo booth with placards about ‘Being a Dettol Mom’. Then we had a board where we had to write experience when I went overboard as a new mom. There were live face book sessions so we had loads of fun in participating in those sessions. We also had a panel of doctors like Senior Neonatologist and Pediatrician Dr. Sanjay Wazir who explained us everything about hygiene matters, what causes germs, kind of precautions to take for the new born. He also gave us insight about vaccines and stem cells. There was also Dr. Geetika Gangwani (Lactation and Young child feeding counsellor) who cleared a lot of myths around breastfeeding, preparing your body to breastfeed and how to handle those initial days when there is round the clock work around baby.

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