When your child teaches you it takes both Ma and Pa - Pampers Event #ItTakes2
|   Nov 28, 2016
When your child teaches you it takes both Ma and Pa - Pampers Event #ItTakes2

Well here is a woman who is all praise for gender equality but when she became a Mom thought that she has all the right hormones to handle a child, even if she is a first-time parent just like her better half.We have been brought up in an environment where mothers took care of the kids AND DADS earned bread for the family. So i always thought its the moms things but how awestruck i was when i saw my husband participate equally in all our child's daily needs and even my child responding and having a choice of who will feed him food, who will change his nappy and take him park. So basically my child helped me come to the fact that since we both brought him to this world so we both should raise him equally.

If you meet my son you can clearly say he is not a momma or a papas boy but both, since childhood he has seen his dad hold him in the lap to put him sleep or wake up in the middle of the night to change his diaper though he was never too sure with the flaps and kept checking them if they are put right and not leak. In fact he was the one to tell me about diaper pants and as soon as we had them i think he was the happiest among the two of us .

When the parents contribute equally for the well-being of the child both of them have a greater amount of confidence cause they know they have the second opinion and they know parenting is being done right. My child does not only have the mumma to go for everything but papa too for anything he wants to share or laugh about. We three are enough for each other and stay like friends.

When i need to work late nights or travel my kid never has a problem because he has his dad around that sense of security in him has garnered a lot of trust. This has helped me in having my me time with my girl's gang and trust me it couldn’t be better.

Well !!I am writing all this because I attended this event for Pampers called #ItTakes2 organised by mycity4kids. The event had an amazing panel discussing the benefits of raising a child when both the parents are actively involved. Pampers also shared a survey in association with Nielson which was held for 432 parents wherein the results say 

88% of the dads believe that baby chores primarily need only the moms involvement.

83% dads wish to be more involved in baby care but they don’t know how

97% moms believe that it takes 2 to raise a happy healthy baby.

93% doctors agree fathers involvement in baby care leads to stronger development of cognitive skills

in the baby.

Aren’t the precentage interesting, they also make us ponder on how beneficial it is for both the parents to participate in the well being of the kids from start. The event concluded with a video which was about the moments of all the firsts with the baby, the first time they hold your hands, say ma and pa , start walking. The video left everyone present in the room emotional. It was indeed a wonderful experience especially meeting all the fellow mommy bloggers and the amazing mycityforkids team.


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