Rang " LAAL LAAL " Rang " LAAL LAAL" Rang Laal Ve
|   Jan 21, 2017
Rang " LAAL LAAL " Rang " LAAL LAAL" Rang Laal Ve

GRIHA PARVESH of Amira --- The newly wedded bride. To every Indian Bride the RED colour fascinates most, same was the case with AMIRA. She was looking stunning on her wedding day in her mesmerizing RED Lehenga with golden zari hand work, the RED chudhaa in her arms till elbow and long RED stone Bindi, Red seductive lip shade, Red matching high heels and icing on the cake RED Sindoor on her head ( a tradition which binds two people). For every new bride its a dream come true to marry to her prince charming, the man of his dreams.

AMIRA first step in her matrimonial house, she touched that rice filled handi and entered the house and put her feet in that RED colored thali and walked with her RED footsteps and finally entered her new house. Every home around the world welcomes prosperity but only in India it is welcomed with more money. Brides are considered as chaukhat of wealth and first step which can lead to money. Marriages are made in heaven but in India they are sealed with money. when it comes to gifts, its the thoughts that counts except in India where the value counts. Festivals are always a vibrant affair, but the colors are incomplete without a dash of money.

Amira DREAMY world turned out to be total DARE when wishing well of her in-laws was every time empty no matter how much water you add. She was a chirpy bird who was blessed with etiquette and understanding of family traditions. With the passage of time she lost all  hope of happy married life as she and her parents were not able to fill that wishing well of money and gave AMIRA a reasonable chance to believe that now she is a victim to Domestic Violence at the hands of her In laws and her husband. As our Indian society never allows a single women to live happily and social stigma attached, Amira decided to stay mum and bear the atrocities and mental trauma. 

But the destiny has different stored in for Amira. Initially it was use of filthy language and mental torture but later it turned out be physical violence. She was numb and stunned when her prince charming gave her the merciless beating for non fulfillment of demand for money. RED color was chasing and stalking AMIRA but this time it was RED color of her BLOOD which was dripping out of her nose. When she realized that blood is dripping out of her nose profusely, there & then she forget what RED Sindoor means to her.Her eyes turned fiery RED and her grudge feeling turned out to be REVENGE. She broke all her hand cliffings and just ran towards graveyard. Amira gathered some logs of wood there and buried her wedding card under logs of wood and lit the fire. It was the funeral of her marriage with her prince charming and then there was no look back for Amira. Though this RED color was most auspicious of all colors but now for AMIRA this RED color was that of fire of her marriage funeral. Amira threw away the nasty feeling of being alone and there was no look back for Amira and she lived her life happily after. After a gap of 5yrs Amira got to know that her x-husband died in an accident. 

" Until you are not treated with Love & Respect in a relationship, its the " THE END" of the relationship"

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