After begin where I am?Ilost myself for betterment or not!!!!I doubt!!
|   Nov 07, 2016
After begin where I am?Ilost myself for betterment or not!!!!I doubt!!

After doing an MBA thought of having job.i tried my level but still as not to be much pressure I agreed for marriage.Next comes baby as everyone does.with all the love we both had we gave birth to little baby.

But after having baby birth I lost myself.Earlier my day used to reading books ,talking with friends and all things a regular girl does.My husband holder me so strong that he handled even my madness(pagal paan)very well.I was always happy to have him.

But as said after baby birth I found no time for myself.Thays like all messed up I have to plan well for have a 15eyebrow shipping in the parlour the before.A and going for lunch or dinner dates impossible.Now she was an year old but still I don't have time for myself it's like a Indian mom who does work always but be unnoticed I clearly understood that value of mom.She is the one who keeps kids prior to her choices.

Finally after moving to USA things got much hard for me to thing I am not getting time to see my Facebook updates until my baby sleeps.i need to wake make breakfast feed her by hard tricks and tatics.By the next hour it will be lunch next snacks  and next was dinner.finally a hard day ends by her sleep.Its not that I was complaining but I lost myself but to be true I was becoming strong day by day she my baby future making her my talks saying her about life even by knowing that she can't understand anything.

And thanks to my husband today  after long long time I had pampered alittle myself.And eagerly when she gets 2years so that I could!d be back at you ding on places without her life was incomplete.

I almost thought as I lost myself by giving my career but now I feel like I wasnot that bad to be a housewife.Even working or no a mother is always great as her choices on based on her kids priority.i feel after few years my daughter need to admire for being her best friend holding her always strong.

But I would tell her after she was born I am much stronger day by day improving myself.I lost myself but definitely for a better ME😃

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