Even when a father does it, it’s still called parenting not babysitting!
|   Jul 25, 2017
Even when a father does it, it’s still called parenting not babysitting!

“Aww, it’s so sweet of your husband to look after the girls for whole three days. But will he be able to manage alone?” asked one of my concerned friends.

“Yeah, of course”, said I in a nonchalant manner.

Obviously, I didn’t think twice before grabbing the opportunity to travel alone as the girls’ father himself proposed this arrangement, which, by the way, was too hard to resist!!

Recently I headed out of town for some work, leaving my two daughters in complete care of their father.  Moreover, it was school time, so I did not tag them along. Although my parents and his parents too tried to pitch-in but we politely refused their help. After all, what’s there to help about? Just like a mother, a father is equally capable of looking after his kids.

Likewise, it’s for sure; there is nothing great in the fact that my husband managed the affairs of home and kids all alone. After all, he is also a parent and if I am not around, it’s obvious that he will do the needful. But since it was for the first time that the mother and daughters were separated for so long, I thought to share with the readers some of the highlights of the days kids spend in the company of their father.

I would also like to share the “after-effects” of the trip which made me think on all the hoopla about a father parenting his own kids.

First a sample of the three days:


Father wakes up the girls and starts preparing breakfast for them.  Additionally, he helps the younger one in getting ready for the school which includes brushing her teeth, dressing her up and combing her hair into neat plaits (of course with little help from elder one).  Then he drops them to bus-stop and gets ready for the office.  When the kids are back from school, he goes to pick them at bus-stop, bring them home and serve them snacks before heading back to office. (His office is just a stone’s throw away from the home) The father comes back in evening, helps them with their home-work and takes them to park. Father and daughters have their dinner and retire to bed.


The morning routine remains the same but when kids are back from school, the elder complains about blurry vision (she wears glasses). Father takes them to the doctor where they waited patiently for an hour for their turn, during which he keeps both the kids entertained (of course cell phone is always there for the rescue). Once back home, the kids finish their home-work, have dinner and play board-game with their father before calling it a day.


No school or office on Saturday. At nine in the morning, father drops the younger one to basket-ball class. With the younger one not around to disturb, it’s the best time to help elder one with Maths. By afternoon, the kids are bored, so the father book tickets for an animated movie and all go to watch it. It sure was a perfect lunch date -first the movies and then feasting on pizza and donuts.  Late at night when I was back, the girls were already slept. They looked so calm and peaceful.

I suppose my husband must have done the job right since the next day both the girls gave me the whole account of the three days well-spent with their father.

Now here comes the best part (pun intended!). In the ensuing days, everyone, right from my friends to neighbours and of course both set of the parents showered the father with laudatory remarks for managing the affairs of the kids all by himself.  One of the auntyji even remarked that it’s difficult to find a guy like him who can manage office, home and kids so beautifully (much on the lines of how difficult it is to find a sanskari bahu these days) And for this award winning effort of taking care of his own children my husband got the title of “best dad ever” from all our near and dear ones.

So this is the “after-effects” I was talking about. Time and again my husband is placed on a pedestal for doing things which I have been doing for ages (I am sure people won’t let me forget about it so easily). Listening to their praises made me wondered why the father, and for that matter, any father who plays an active role in his kid’s life receives accolade for his contributions. More so, when he himself is not fishing for the compliments for doing all the odd jobs like cleaning the bottom of his kid, cooking or feeding the child, helping in brushing the teeth, tending to his bruises, braiding her hair or even getting up in the middle of night to comfort him/her in their nightmares.  

I know we tend to notice things which are not found in our routine life, especially, when we see the parenting skills of a dedicated father. But come to think of it, he is just being a parent to his own offspring and is very much capable of managing the child. Henceforth, instead of going oohs and ahhs at the sight of a father feeding his child from a bottle, let’s just start acting normal around him. And who knows, you might be in for a pleasant surprise when the next time you decide to leave your child in complete care of your man.



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