UN Sexist(ing)
|   Jul 06, 2017
UN Sexist(ing)

Now, I have spent my entire childhood and my adolescence watching television ads (and the random serial that played in between)

Honestly they all looked the same to me

XYZ Mens shaving razor – sexy woman, red lips, high heels (No clue what she shaved with it)

ABC Mens chaddi banyaan - sexy woman, red lips, high heels (No she wasn’t wearing it)

LMN Agarbatti - sexy woman, red lips, high heels (Maybe she rubbed some ash on her as perfume)

STU Cooking oil – Maa made and family ate

DEF noodles – Maa made and child ate

They all were the likes so one did not find anything to focus on.

Then the other day I saw the Google Duo ad. Notice closely it’s a video call of the family where the father is with the son and the mother is on the other side. Now notice even closer and you will see that the father is in the setting of a bedroom at home and the mother is in a setting of a hotel room. It’s a very very tiny detail, really small but hey Google noticed that moms travel on work too!! Yay coz I guess that’s what women have been doing for centuries and it took us 21 centuries to put it in an ad. The dads with the child while the moms off on a work trip, that happens! J

Then the Vivo 5 ad with the cheer leaders. They are pretty no doubt. So the ad plays and then suddenly you notice that the finger nails of the cheer leader clicking a selfie are unkempt. Not polished and slightly cracked. Wow, now that looks pretty familiar. Yes we women cannot always have beautifully manicured fingers all the time! We have our chips and cracks and every now and then we don’t have time to polish. Its us! We have hair on our arms, over grown eyebrows and cracked nails every now and then!

Oh and the ad when the boyfriend comes home to see the dad making some yummy pooris in cooking oil – master piece. For decades our top chefs in all our restaurants have been men but somehow the home cooking oil always shows a mom cooking for her kids and family. Time to rise above my men, you can do it too and better than us. Get your aprons on and get the pots to boil. Finally an ad to do justice to men who actually cook at home.

Did you see that red label ad where the girl who comes asking for ginger is dressed casually and is not a size zero! Shes a girl next door living alone wanting to feel better and is one of us Normal and cute. Not Ms. Hot and sexy with a snorting nose :D

 21st century and finally we decide we need to break stereotypes. Women finally coming out of their shells to be who they are – human. Not a goddess living in paintings or a woman who has 10 people adding finishing touches to her dress, make up, hair, cleavage and nails where ever she goes.

It’s a small step towards a better world. I am so glad my daughter does not need to grow up seeing sexist promos and does not have to believe that being perfect is the only way to live.

Alas! Tis the day where we start Un Sexisting one ad at a time.

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