An attempt to escape from the world of Cartoons.
|   Dec 16, 2016
An attempt to escape from the world of Cartoons.


Do you want to build a snowman? This is the song I used to sing while doing my work. Not because it my favorite song because I heard it so many times and unknowingly I used to sing that song. It was like Living with Princess Elsa at home. Cinderella, snow white, Jasmine were just like our family members. Sometimes I feel like I know everyone personally Even YouTube and My library card started suggesting me to watch those videos and read those princess books.

As a mother, It was very tough for me to let the child to live in a movie world. Which has nothing to do in practical life. She can buy a plastic magic wand but abracadabra can’t bring her friend to her room for that she needs to go playground and she should make them. I observed she is full of emotions. She is full of care. She is stubborn some times though. I never wanted to change any of her qualities. I just wanted a practical use of her nature.



Instead of taking care of a doll and acting as her mother I asked her to plant some seeds and taking care of them. We don’t need acres of land for plantation. Just two or three pots and some seeds can help in kid’s emotional development. Basic knowledge about plants which I gave. Gave the responsibility to water those plants and decide whether the plant is getting enough sunlight or not. Now a days watering plants is more fun than bathing those toys.


Changing Barbie’s dress and hair styles several times a day, I suggested her to make hairstyles on me and choose her own cloths for wearing. Instead of cleaning and arranging things for her I asked for help. Asked her what will be the best place for keeping things.  Which color and order will be easy to find things as per convivence. Now letting her to take some small decisions so later can take big decisions.


Cooking is a very good choice for me to make a kid Independent and confident. Giving them little things do as per their age. More important is involvement in kitchen. Asking to pass small things, giving them the choice of making their own sandwiches etc. Asked to pick their favorite fruits and vegetables. Convince them to be courageous and try your different foods too. It will surely enhance them mentally and emotionally.


Money is a very important thing to Make them understand. I cannot afford a toy whenever I am going to mall. Little knowledge about money and marketing can stop unnecessary buying’s.


Stopped saying her for reading and started reading my own. It boosted her willpower to read of her own. Let your child see you enhancing your hobbies. Show them your love for music or painting or reading or playing etc. Let them make their own interest or allow them to join with you.


I like her so much I never felt like she should be like someone else. Respect their uniqueness and be grateful for the way they are. Guide them when they are going wrong so they can respect and guide you in future. Nourish the beautiful bond between you and kids with time. Give them your time.

This is a small attempt to look at the real beautiful world and the beauty inside.

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