I found myself in you - a letter to my princess
|   Jan 27, 2016
I found myself in you - a letter to my princess

My princess,                                                                                            

I am recalling the day when I first saw you, it is imprinted on my mind as it was yesterday. I was lying on the bed adjacent to you. Your bright eyes were looking at me with calmness. My mind was blank, and the only thought revolving in my head was " I will be there for you and you will be with me always". And from there on, our beautiful journey of mother and daughter love began. I saw my past, present and future in you. I got totally mesmerized by your cuteness and beauty. Every kid is the most special for his mother, I know, but still you surpass all levels for me.                                                                                                            

From flipkart to firstcry, practicing nail art to changing diapers, from hairstyles duo to messy buns, my life took a complete u-turn and I loved every bit of it. I forgot shopping for myself, I loved dressing you up. Whenever I feel low, you give me a treat of your sweet toothless smile. I am blessed when you laugh while doing ordinary things with me and this shows how special  every moment can                                                                                              

You are my little girl and will always be, no matter how old you grow. I will be there to guide you when you will feel lost, will hold you when you will fall though I wish you never fall. I will be with you in your kiddie phase, teenage phase, college phase and the day you will meet someone special.                                                                                                                                        

My princess, I am looking forward to our many special moments with you, when you will say mummy to me, when you will take your first step, play doll house with me, study, dance, watch movies, dress up for parties, laugh on silly jokes with me.                                                                                                                            

In the moment of playing peekaboo with you, dressing you up, changing diapers, feeding you, having fun with you. I have found my happiness in you. Yes! I found myself in you.                                                                                                                                        

Love you forever,

Your mama !                                                              

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