5 must read tips for upbringing Single Kids
|   Aug 05, 2016
5 must read tips for upbringing Single Kids
Upbringing of single kids is always a challenge for parents because on one hand they combat their professional lives and on the other they are concerned about the growth of their kids. Many a times it is heard saying single child is pampered and undisciplined because they do not have companions to share their things however the crux of the matter is that we do not have enough time to combat their feelings and expressions. Parents however cannot be blamed for the kind of behaviour a child expresses.
 Being a mother of a single child the truth is I always want a companion for my kid as I see him engrossed in TV. I often hear him saying mumma I am getting bored please may I watch the TV any how it melts my heart after all I am a mother and want him to be busier and enjoy himself.
However these 5 tips might help parents to understand the situation better:
    1) Be your child's best friend:
     A child is always in search of companion and wants to befriend his parents because they are the first point of contact for them. In such situation we should stand by their side and should be ready to return back in our own toddler world.By doing so on one hand we will rejuvenate ourselves and on other we can also make our kids more happier.
    2) Never ignore what your child want to share with you:
    It is not easier for parents to be by your child's side every time as we have so many chores to do but their are times we ignore to what our kids want to share with us, from here begins the journey of ignorance and inattentiveness in kids. Just by sharing food and stuff does not make a kid to learn sharing. Sharing of thoughts is also a way to build the road of sharing and caring in our kids.
    3) Give space to your kids:    
    Not only grown teenagers need space but our kids also need them this helps them to learn things faster and become a confident individual.
    4) Do not meddle in your kids life every time:
     We often interfere in our kids lives for every single decision be it on deciding clothes, food, friends etc but today with the growing technology our kids are more smarter so they want to be the decision maker and constant meddling  often turns them submissive so we should respect their feelings.
    5) Allow them to use new technology:
    Early use of technology has harmful effects but their is also a bigger truth we have to deal with, by not allowing them to use latest technology we are hindering their development. Gaining knowledge is not harmful and it should be taken. However utilisation of technology must be perfectly within parental control.
 By dealing with daily small issues we can be proud parents of positive kids a child always wants support and help their is a chance we might not be successful every time but by following simple things we can motivate or can modulate our kids behaviours.

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