An Error without a solution
|   Aug 03, 2016
An Error without a solution
Pardeep and i have been dating for 4 years and finally decided to get hitched before it would be too late. Finally everything was set and just like a nice and happy imagination i got married and moved in with him. I thought it would be easy for me to manage a joint family as he was by my side, yes, in the beginning it was all so easy that i thought i have won over the world but the real test began when my son was born. Like any inexperienced first timer i was dependent on others and was rather expecting them to come forward and help however it proved to be wrong as my unsupportive in-laws wanted me to do everything on my own without directing and extending any help. It was really i big challenge for a first timer but yah there were repeated errors which had no solution but it gave me a lesson to combat my battle all alone. 
I was a hardworking professional prior to marriage and had a promising career which my family and friends never wanted me to give up but my love and passion for Varun always blindfolded me and i could not see the utter truth that marriage is an endless error which is insoluble and has no solution. Though it is not a story which has some tragedy or big fat problems rather it is a feeling and experience which many mothers and prior professionals experience in their day to day lives many of us surrender to the situation. However in my case i am struck in an environment where my surroundings are affecting not only my health but have completely taken me over. I am no more the person who was a born fighter and had the skill of proving my mettle. I am no more that chirpy bird as my naughtiness is taken over  by my frustration. I have so many things to say and do but have no outlet to make it happen. 

Now my child is all grown up and husband is also busy in his business life is moving on but a void which has been created. But this does not mean that life will stop because a solution needs to be found because yes an error needs to be fixed with a solution.

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